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We never forget the best thing about us .. Is you !

The Hatfield Practice is the creation  Ian and Helen Norman (Osteopath  – Acupuncturist). The Normans have been involved in health care in Hertfordshire for over 30 years. Ian started working in a room in Hatfield, Wrafton House Doctors surgery back in the 90’s. Quite normal for junior Osteopaths. He also worked for an amazing Osteopath in Bedfordshire called Johnathan Betser. Who incidentally had Prince Charles as one of his patients. JB as he liked to be called was quite eccentric, a professional genius and complete workaholic. JB organised treatments for Osteopaths for able and disabled athletes during the Olympics in 2012 and was voted the UK top Osteopath. Ian learnt a huge amount about Osteopathy and the day to day running of a Practice from Jonathan

It was here that Ian would meet his future Acupuncturist wife to be Helen. They worked together at the Woodside clinic and became great friends, well the rest is history. We brought our current Practice in Hatfield back in 2008. Ian remembers working till midnight the evening before the practice opened. The refurb had been months of hard work and planning. He recalls jig sawing his desk in  half office order for it to fit in his treatment room, Yes its still there a monument to why he is better suited to Osteopathy than DIY.

We have employed many amazing people over the years and have learnt huge amounts and it was never going to be be easy. Our dream was to create a warm, friendly professional and fun place to work. Not the sort of quiet empty places, with four year old magazines where you can sit quietly for while waiting for the man to come and “get you”.  WE wanted laughter, mini coffee and cake mornings with real people that tell you how it used to be.  Somewhere where people could relax, have the best treatments from the best practitioners. I don’t think we have ever settled for less. In essence creating a practice that you would want to visit

All these years on high quality treatments, smiles, generosity and a lot of laughter is common place. The team we have today has taken many years to build. Many of the practitioners here have been here since the beginning. Our reception team don’t frown they smile and are genuinely happy people. We all play a very active role in the practice and  people here love what they do. Our ethos from day one has been to treat educate and support all the way.  Its never been a numbers game its always been about enjoying the journey, the people that visit us and what we do.

All our practitioners are Professionals and very involved in the day to day running of the Practice. Our attitude to patient care has created a Practice that is professional, friendly and takes pride in the way we work. We also support our local community. In part  we hope our pricing structure reflects this. Our team provides you with genuine hands on professionals.

It’s important to all of us that you have an amazing treatment experience. Of course it’s essential that your pain resolves quickly. That you are 101 %  happy with your appointment. Over 90 % of our patients have been recommend us by Gp’s, friends and family!

Providing patients with long term health solutions is  very important to us. We don’t want you to spend your life on someone’s treatment tableOur experience has shown us that a caring and thoughtful  approach is always best.

Treatments are designed individually for each patient. This is important as each treatment aims to resolve the root cause of  the problem and reduces the risk of it all happening over again. The Hatfield Practiceis a multi – disciplinary healthcare practice. We feel that we are able provide solutions where other clinics/modalities may struggle. Our ability to cross refer patients within the Practice ensures the best possible treatment plans. We take pride in our ability to think outside the box. Then integrate the skills of other in-house professionals into your treatment plan is just one on the reasons why people recommend us. Of course we won’t charge you any more for this service.  

Call Shirley at the Hatfield Practice. Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Massage. The Hatfield Practice 01707 888229

Call Shirley on 01707 888229


Why choose The Hatfield Practice?

We only ever aim to employ the most experienced highly trained Professionals who have passed the grade. Importantly our practitioners are encouraged and trained to work the way we always have. Our aim is to provide a professional experience in a warm, friendly and safe environment. Importantly of course a clear pricing structure and friendly reception.

 Helping you to feel better is what our  Hatfield Practice patients tell us we do best. 

Our Receptionists – Shirley, Marylin, Donna or Cindy will make you feel at home and of course if needed make a lovely cup of tea. Our thoughts are that you sit back and relax.   

Call us? Our Hatfield reception is available for advice.  01707 888229  

Easy, Free Parking at the front or in accessible bays outside the Practice in Ground Lane, Hatfield .

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All Hatfield Practice Physiotherapists are Chartered and registered with the CSP
We certainly won’t waste your time. We provide Professional Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Massage in Hatfield .
Our experience has shown that a caring and thoughtful  approach tends to resolve problems faster. Our patients are referred by recommendation by their  local GP, Triage Physiotherapist, friends or Consultant. We are told that most patients feel improvement after their first consultation and  treatment.
Call our reception on 01707 888229. Experience has shown that our triage style “combined treatments” such as combinations of Physiotherapy with OsteopathyAcupuncture or Massage have been shown to improve patient outcome and faster response times.


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  • Relaxing, professional and just brilliant.

    Graham. Hatfield
  • ”Myself and my partner have found coming for treatment at The Hatfield Practice a great experience. Ian and his team are so friendly and caring – they really listen to you. The service is quick and really effective and he has helped loads with out backs!”

    John & Kay, Herts
  • Fantastic service, everyone is so friendly and caring. Ian has helped me no ends for which I am incredibly grateful! Would recommend to anyone.

  • ”Service and treatment is brilliant – always so friendly”

    Sue, Herts
  • .”You will soon be Feeling brilliant again “

    Jasmine. Welwyn Garden
  • ”Three generations of our family have attended The Hatfield Practice – they all look forward to the care and treatment they receive”

    Sarah.Welwyn Garden City
  • ”Fantastic service – everyone is so friendly and caring.  I am a long distance runner and compete regularly at a high level. I have found that Ian and his team have helped me no ends in supporting my training regime for which I am incredibly grateful. I would recommend the practice to anyone”

    Hayley, Hatfield
  • After suffering from a very painful C-section scar which didn’t improve over the course of 19 months and caused me pain permanently, I had five acupuncture treatments with Helen. The pain lessened significantly after the first treatment but amazingly, the appearance of the scar (very red, very uneven) also improved dramatically. It is now completely pain free and smooth. Thank you Helen!

    Professor K. Radner
  • ”I have had great support from Umana and Leon and feel the standard of treatment is very high. The clinic also has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere – Thanks!”

    Jasmin, Herts
  • “I was in a real mess after a major car accident. I was told by hospital doctors that i would be in pain permanently. I pleased to say they were very wrong. I am now pain free 90% of the time. Wonderful thoughtful people. Really Cant thank you enough guys.

    Peter. Welwyn
  • We have been trying for a baby for years a friend suggested the fertility clinic an the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice.  By using a combination of acupuncture and IVF we were able to succeed. Just don’t leave it to chance. We now have beautiful much loves twin boys .Helen is simply brilliant.

    John and Liz B
  • “Great exercise advice, painful at first but now  feel much more mobile and have less day to day pain.Well done”

    Clive N, Watford.
  • ”I am a keen amateur golfer and find my regular MOT sessions with Ian invaluable. The service is friendly and professional and I recommend the practice to all my fellow golfers”

    Jeff, Hatfield
  • Ian is great – helped me loads

    Thanks Brain

    Back Pain
  • ” Now i can work again without constant pain and without having to eat pain killers like smarties all day. I feel like a new man !! ”

    Brian. sales manager
  • ”Everyone at The Hatfield Practice has been brilliant. I work at a local gym as a personal trainer and am a ”regular” and always happy to recommend lots of people – It works so well… I love it ! ”

    Tom S. Personal Trainer, Hatfield
  • AMAZING – Helen knew just what to do

    Zara Brookmans Park
  •  Came to the practice after a serious injury. I am now  now walking around the house with a stick, am able to use the stairs I really feel like my old self again. Many thanks to the Hatfield Practice  for their continued efforts and support!”

    Mrs Currel. Stevnage

    Mrs Currel. Stevenage
  • Very friendly and honest, have fixed my lower back pain after a previous physio just insisted on lots of expensive treatments that did’nt help. Highly recommended. Thank you. Stefan

  • Thank you Chris for making my body do things that i thought not possible…. Im trying to stretch every night to keep those skiing positions…but its hard at my age but I’m kicking those 25 age somethings  a***s, like a 43 year old should!

    Sally- Ski instructor
  • It always amazes me how well acupuncture works. I spent 3 years feeling sorry for myself in constant pain. Helen changed all that – regular sessions of acupuncture have left me less reliant on painkillers and changed my life!

  • ” I have been a professional body builder for many years. I have never met anyone as good as Ian his ability to diagnose and treat  acute and in my case often repetitive injuries. Support  gives me the confidence to train harder without the fear that injury that could mean end of my career”

    David, St Albans
  • Highly recommend the clinic, great guys and atmosphere. Treatments are exceptional and clearly focus on areas that need work – I always walk away feeling on top form. Thanks!

    Colin – Hatfield
  • Even people that are getting free treatment through my place of work are considering attending the practice. Amazing.

    Fiona ( Hatfield )

    Amazing Place
  • “The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice is my first choice for private referals”

    Dr. W, Hatfield
  • ”I would highly recommend The Hatfield Practice – great guys and atmosphere. Treatments are exceptional and clearly focus on areas that need work – I always walk away feeling on top form – Thanks!”

    Colin, Hatfield.
  • I have been working with Dora ( Physio) apart from the very professional treatment she always goes out of her way to treat me like a real person. Seems genuinely interested. This holistic and human approach to care makes such a difference and seems to permeate the whole practice –  from the greeting at reception to the banter between colleagues to the therapy itsself  .

    Sue M.
  • “I’m a triathlete, runner and cyclist. Over the years, Ian has treated me for a number of injuries. He understands the importance of getting me back training and racing as quickly as possible. On several occasions I expected to be advised to stop training, but after an examination Ian told me I could continue. In each case I went on to make a full recovery following his treatment.”

    Graham. St Albans
  • ” I have never been anywhere, quite like the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice and i would certainly never go anywhere else. They always try 110% ”

    Dave . Hertford
  • ” Such enthusiasm… thank you for your advice and support. I think the surgeon would of got his own way if i hadnt of found you. Always a relaxing happy place “.

    Alistair (Sprinter) Welwyn Garden City.
  • Friendly, warm and professional – after three months off work I was out of pain very quickly. I am now back at work and pain free.

  • ” I always pop in for a cup of tea and a chat, no place like it”

    Elsie ( 82 yrs)
  • ” I just dont understand why you cant get this sort of treatment on the NHS “

    Sam T. St Albans
  • “Cant say its been easy but a combintion of Acupuncture and osteopathy  almost certainly saved me from the operation my Bupa  consultantwas suggesting. I’m now pain free and working with their Physio to train my core muscles i feel new again”

    Janet, Colney Heath
  • “The acupuncture has been  small part of my treatment, in fact during the session with Helen i laughed so much i nearly put my back out again”

    Tina St. Albans
  • “I received a hot stone massage voucher off my boyfriend for Christmas last year. I always come every month to see Daisy and couldn’t survive without my little bit of heaven. Thank you”

    Hannah, Welwyn Garden City
  • I have seen a lot of osteopaths and massage people in my time but you take the first prize. I really appreciate that there is now hope for me.

    Sam B
  • ”The treatment I have received from Ian and his tean has been very helpful. Everyone was so pleasant – I will have no hesitation in coming here when needed”

    Vera, Herts
  • ”It is a great pleasure to come to see Helen and her team at The Welwyn &  Hatfield Practice – you are all heroes ! ” –

    Beryl 88yrs, Herts
  • Thank you Dora top class Physiotherapy – I feel stronger each day now.

    Betty – Hatfield
  • Ian will get you injury free and playing again faster than anyone else…. !!!

    Graeme. Hatfield