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Your Happiness Spreads Out Like Sunshine in a Garden

Posted by on December 20th, 2010

In todays media  world  we switch on the TV to relax, watch Sky or  read  newspapers. Christmas is a time of joy ?   Why then does the media leave us feeling depressed and  keep telling us  the world ids going to the dogs . Give me  good news sometimes  or i will just turn it all OFF !! We dont just ... (Read more)

Back Pain what should i do ?

Posted by on December 2nd, 2010

How Can We Help You?
We can help with a wide range of conditions including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, wrist pain, hand pain, sports injuries  and more. We are also one of the few Practices in the country to offer a combination of osteopathy, physiotherapy and traditional acupuncture on such ... (Read more)

£25 for 30 mins Wonderful Massage.. The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

Posted by on December 2nd, 2010

Daisy’s main area of expertise  is deep soft tissue and sports Massage Treatments, specialising in her own styleof  pain busting  trigger point and MET Treatments (muscle energy technique). Daisy also has her own unique style of combining hot stone massage with deep tissue  / fascial work you will simply feel ... (Read more)

What is a Healing Crisis?

Posted by on December 2nd, 2010

If I were asked which is the greatest misunderstanding and confusion in the field of nutrition, I would respond, ” … to properly understand and interpret the symptoms and changes that follow the beginnings of a better nutritional program. (A “healing crisis”)

Now, what happens when a person follows the rules and ... (Read more)

a cheap — £10 — massage from The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice, 6 ground Lane,Hatfield

Posted by on December 2nd, 2010

Wednesdy 1st December 2010
As someone on a low income I am always interested in ways to save money. A while ago I discovered that you can get a cheap — £10 — massage from The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice, 6 ground Lane, Hatfield hertfordshire.  Al10 0HH,Tracey and Daisy  they are qualified experienced pactitioners of ... (Read more)

up to 40 % off Our Holistic Therapies .Massage away you Shoppers Shoulders

Posted by on December 1st, 2010

Our Christmas Gift to All Our Patients is all our Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, and Acupuncture with Helen Taylor  – Weekes ( Senior teacher with 25  years experience)

Also all of our holistic therapies have been reduced in price to £30.00 this for some of our therapies is a 40% saving !!! 

The ... (Read more)

The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice. Always About You !

Posted by on December 1st, 2010

£10.00 off  your first consultation of  Physiotherapy, Acupuncture or Osteopathy during WINTER  2010-11* Only £30.00 First Treatment ( save £10.00) First consultation – fast  – Unbeatable quality / Why wait , why stay in pain, feel better?

Our Gift for Christmas .Unbeatable 1 Hour of Any of  Holistic Treatment £30.00    Tension  Disolving Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Medical ... (Read more)

Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy Massage

Posted by on December 1st, 2010


At the Welwyn & Hatfield Practice serving Hatfield ,Welwyn Garden City, potters Bar, Brookmans Park and St Albans

Why Massage During Pregnancy?

Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. Massage can relieve fatigue, help in relaxation, enhance ... (Read more)

My Personal Journey of Healing

Posted by on December 1st, 2010

 Infertility, Hormone Imbalance, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Infertility is a common problem with sufferers of endometriosis or other woman’s problems. It has become increasingly common with the use of birth control pills and environmental estrogens in our foods. They often cause hormonal imbalance (excessive estrogens relative to progesterone) and anovulation (failure to ... (Read more)

Posted by on November 20th, 2010


 At The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

 Why Massage at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice During Pregnancy?Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. Massage ... (Read more)

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