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The Hatfield Practice aims to provide you with friendly Cost effective, Physiotherapy treatments We only employ most experienced highly trained (friendly) professionals who are experienced and have passed the grade. Helping our Hatfield Practice patients feel better quickly is what our patients tell us we do best

Professional Physiotherapy in Hatfield


Over 30 years Experience | Physiotherapy for You

Patients tell us that our unique and highly effective approach works. Most of our patients come to us on recommendation from friends or their Gp.  Treatments will reduce your pain as fast and efficiently  as possible. 

Providing you with Long term Physiotherapy Solutions

We feel that two heads are always better than one. Therefore any complex  patients ( non resolving / complex pain problems) are often treated by two or more specialists.  We have always worked this way – Providing Hatfield Practice patients with long term solutions is important to us. We don’t want you to spend your life on one of our treatment tables.

Hands on Physiotherapy – Not “Just Exercises”

We use hands on methods. You wont receive “just exercises”. Treatments can include  light and deep soft tissue massage.  Mobilisation  (reinforced stretches) is great for stiff spines. Muscle energy stretches ( active resisted stretches) where muscle has become tight from injury. Physiotherapists also use manipulation which is similar to an Osteopath or Chiropractic. Traction treatment is useful where discs have become worn or damaged.  Acupuncture is brilliant for tendonitis or nerve pain. Interferential is very good ( dare i say it) for  lumpy old tendons etc. Diagnostic Ultrasound can be useful for calcific (arthritis) tendinitis and shoulder tendonitis. What ever your problem we will do our best to find a solution that works.

Welwyn and Hatfield Physiotherapy Practice. Professional Physiotherapy in Hatfield Hertfordshire. Call 01707 888229Your Experience is our Reputation  

We provide our patients with individual Rehabilitation aimed at improving your bodies function. If your improve mechanical function pain and mobility problems will often disappear. We provide specific bespoke exercises to get you strong again. Treatment assists healing by restoring mobility, reducing pain and improving blood flow. Blood flow is important as it washes away inflammation. In short to promote your bodies natural healing mechanisms by improving bio-mechanical( muscle and joint) function. Your  Physiotherapist will design a treatment plan especially for you. Your treatment experience is our reputation. We have private relaxing treatment rooms with  modern equipment and friendly staff.


Hatfield Physiotherapy Practice:

  • No  Waiting Lists – NHS waiting times for physio can be painfully long and “just exercise sheets”. The Hatfield Practice Physiotherapy is great value, hands on and consistently effective.
  • Fast Track  Appointments – Day, Evening & Weekends; Our Chartered Physiotherapists work late appointments in Hatfield so you can fit treatments after work.
  • Professional Physiotherapy | Hatfield | Clinical Expertise – Includes arthritis in  joints,bad backs, stiff necks, sciatica, disc injuries, nerve injuries, musculo-skeletal pain, sports injuries and much more.
  • Early  Diagnosis and Treatment – Our ability to cross refer between Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or  Acupuncture means a more rapid recovery. Why wait 8- 12 weeks for the NHS Physiotherapy and triage clinic.
  • 100% Individual Attention – Our Hatfield Physiotherapists will provide you professional treatment, effectiveness and guaranteed privacy.
  • Hatfield Practice is at your Door – We provide home visits and optimum treatment times to help make you better fast.
  • Hatfield Practice are “Hands on” | Hatfield – It is our strength. All advice is tailored to your personal needs. All treatment is thought through and discussed.
  • Courtesy calls To establish effectiveness of Physiotherapy treatments and answer any questions. We are much more than just a “Physio in a gym” service !  Experience shines | The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice. Call 01707 888229

Welwyn Garden city Physiotherapy in Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City



Why should I pay for  physiotherapy in Hatfield when its available on the NHS?

Our promise is that you will recieve quality treatment from the beginning.Hatfield Practice are time served hand picked experienced practitioners.  You wont have to wait months for Physiotherapy at the Hatfield Practice. Hatfield Physiotherapy treatments reduce pain fast. We will empower your to manage your condition. Our aim is to get you better. Physiotherapy can help you recover after injury or surgery. Physiotherapy Treatment will help the body rehabilitate after a road traffic accident, skiing injury or simple back pain. We have over 30 years of experience in managing pain.

Hatfield Physiotherapy treatment will help to reduce pain fast. Restore your  range of movement after surgery, injury or illness.We only employ most experienced highly trained (friendly) Physiotherapists who are experienced and have passed the grade. Helping our Hatfield Practice patients feel better quickly is what our patients tell us we do best.

Focused rehabilitation and treatment can make an enormous difference to your quality of life initially by improving quality of movement and reducing pain. Strengthening muscles, reducing pain and providing education which reduces recurrence. Hatfield Physiotherapy is about  improving your ability to live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Your practitioner will look to improve both your current injury and bio-mechanical problems. Then will will advise, educate and treat you. You should continue to improve; this approach means there is less chance of the same problem reoccurring over and over. Why go to Junior Physios and persist with exercise sheets and pain killers in the long run your better off with us. 

We will assess and diagnose your problem fast and effectively. A bespoke treatment plan is formulated with only you in mind. These designed treatment  programs  aim to quickly restore function, reduce pain fast  and minimise pain after injury.

The Science behind Hatfield Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a professional, highly trained and credible treatment option. The primary focus of treatment is the restoration of normal function to your body, educate the patient and remove inflammation and pain.

Treatment is science-based and well researched. We are committed to extending, applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins and informs it’s practice and delivery. Hatfield Practice appointments are  “hands on”  and not just prescribed exercises.

This approach has proven very successful over the years and one of the best proven approaches for the treatment of arthritic joints and pain in muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments. Our Physios use   “hands on” techniques. Our Physiotherapists are also trained in the use of electrotherapy such as H-wave, ultrasound, laser, interferential and TENS.

The Science behind Physiotherapy



Professionalism in Physiotherapy

Our Professional Physiotherapists in Hatfield are all Chartered and registered with the Health Professions Council. A Chartered Physiotherapist is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy(MCSP). This is the professional regulatory body of the Physiotherapy profession. Chartered Physiotherapy means that the Physiotherapist has undergone an approved course of training (usually a three or four year degree course with good post graduate training in their specialised field). Physiotherapy in the UK is governed by a professional code of practice. Our Welwyn and Hatfield Physios have undergone post graduate training to specialise in their particular field. We think you will find it hard to beat the experience and the team work we offer .


Dora Hotzi Chartered Physiotherapist

Head Physiotherapist Dora Hotzi has a Masters Degree from The University of Hertfordshire. Dora has also completed the advanced “GIFT” functional rehabilitation course in the USA. This is the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) program gaining the Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) title. Dora is also one of the handful of practitioners in the UK who is certified in Functional Manual Reaction; using hands-on techniques to assist the body’s natural movement patterns. We are committed to continuing professional education. As a practice we review each others work. 

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