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About the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice.

Welwyn and Hatfield Practice is a husband and wife led team of hand picked professionals. We have over 25 years of experience in health care. The Hatfield Practice specialises in people and their health care. We provide Physiotherapy, Chinese Acupuncture, Fertility Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Deep tissue massage and Holistic care.

Patient experience is very important to us. The Hatfield Practice reputation has been developed over 25 years.  We only employ the best professionals and enjoy getting you better. Our practitioners have been chosen to always go the extra mile where patient satisfaction is concerned . Patient centred care – your care ! Your satisfaction is what the The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice  does best.

Ian and Helen Norman | the hatfield Practice

Ian and Helen

The Hatfield Practice tailor make each treatment to suit you as an individual persom. Treatment is professional and focused so you are happy, relaxed and recover fast.

A recent audit  of patients in the  HatfieldWelwyn Garden City and St.  Albans area showed that over 90% of our patients showed a considerable improvement in their symptoms after three visits here.

Most of our patients  come to The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice  via recommendation from their family, friends, GP’s or consulting specialist.We pride ourselves in being effective  and take time with our Hatfield patients so they are satisfied and get better quickly.

You will leave the Hatfield Practice feeling better with a good working diagnosis ( i.e  what the problem is ). You will have a working idea of how long it will take before you see an improvement. At the Hatfield practice your Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist or Osteopath will explain your symptoms. Then provide you with a good understanding of why the problem happened in the first place . This is always backed up with good quality educational and exercise advice so that the injury is not repeated all over again.

Why do Hatfield Practice Patients Stay Loyal ?

Thankfully we have been told  why people return to The Welwyn &  Hatfield Practice. In short its because we are interested in you as a person. We provide focused, good quality, individual attention. Our practitioners are hand picked, trained extremely well and genuinely care about your experience. Every patient is individually assessed, treated, advised and educated.

The Hatfield Practice aim to be effective, thoughtful and professional. We really do care about Your experience at our clinic is our number one priority 

The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

  • No Waiting Lists  – NHS waiting times can be painfully long and “ineffective”.
  • Multidisciplinary Hatfield Practice – Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Professional Massage
  • Immediate Convenient Appointments – Day, Evening & Weekends.
  • Clinical Expertise & Specialism in: Sports Injury, Joint, Disc, Nerve and Musculo-skeletal Pain.
  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment – Our ability to cross refer maximises a more rapid recovery.
  • 100% Individual Attention, Treatment and Guaranteed Privacy
  • You Will Get Better Faster in Hatfield  – All clients are given adequate specialist treatment time.
  • Personal Education Is Our Strength – Bespoke advice tailored to your needs.
  • Courtesy Call – To establish effectiveness of treatment and answer any questions





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(Out of Hours Emergency? Ian Norman – 07590924266)

 The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice is  run by husband and wife team Ian and Helen Norman they have been involved in health care for over 25 years.  “We run the Hatfield Practice in a friendly, thoughtful yet professional way. Our ideal is to provide top quality, affordable yet brilliant treatments that work.

Providing patients with long term solutions is important to us. We will get to the root cause of your condition – beyond the symptoms, because we don’t want you to spend your life on a treatment table. With over 25 years of clinical experience you can be rest assured that you are choosing the right People.



 ” getting you better all the time “

We Provide OsteopathyCranial OsteopathyOsteopathsPhysiotherapySports PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapistsTraditional Chinese AcupunctureInfertility Acupuncture ( specialising in fertility), Cosmetic AcupunctureHayfever AcupunctureStress AcupunctureAcupuncturistsMassage TherapiesMassage Chinese CuppingHolistic TherapiesDeep MassageDeep Tissue Sports MassageInjury Sports MassageHolistic MassageDeep Soft Tissue Massage,  Lymphatic MassageAromatherapy MassageIndian Head MassageHot Stone MassageReiki HealingHomeopathy & Reflexology