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Our Story – Hatfield Practice.

The Hatfield Practice is the creation of Ian &  Helen Norman (Osteopath  – Acupuncturist ). The Normans have been involved in complementary care for over 30 years. After qualifying as an Osteopath, Ian started working at Wrafton House Doctors Surgery, Hatfield. At the same time, Ian was also working for Osteopath Johnathan Betser. He incidentally had Prince Charles and many sports elites, to name a few, on his books. JB, as he liked to be called, was quite eccentric. A professional genius who in part helped bring Osteopathy forward into the 21st century and a complete workaholic. JB organised the cohort of Osteopaths during the Olympics in 2012. Johnathan was voted the United Kingdoms best Osteopath. Ian learnt a considerable amount about Osteopathy and running a Practice from Johnathan, which Ian feels is positively reflected in how the Hatfield Practice has developed into its success today.

They met and fell in love.

It was at JB’s Woodside Clinic that Ian would meet his future Acupuncturist wife, Helen. They worked together at the Woodside clinic in the nineties and became great friends, and well, the rest is history. We brought our current Practice at 6 Ground Lane, Hatfield, back in 2007. The house was a complete wreck, and Ian remembers working way past midnight the day before the practice opened. The Hatfield Practice refurbishment had been many months of hard work and planning. He recalls cutting his desk in half to fit in his treatment room at midnight, not a pretty sight. Don’t give up the day job!

A place that people would enjoy

Hatfield Practice has treated and employed many amazing people over the years. They feel that they have learnt huge amounts, although it was never going to be easy. The dream was to create a place that people would trust, love and enjoy coming. They didn’t want a sterile, serious clinic where you would feel nervous and has an unfriendly atmosphere. Instead, they wanted to provide a friendly, professional and fun place to be. Pain gets can get you down, and appointments take time out of the day. Our thoughts are Quiet places are for libraries, four-year-old magazines are for neglected waiting rooms, and frowns are for courtrooms. The Normans wanted laughter and charity cake mornings with real people telling you how it used to be.  Somewhere people could relax safely and have great treatments from friendly practitioners. Hatfield Practice has never settled for less, and we never will. Developing a healthcare practice that people would want to visit is everything to us.

It’s never been a numbers game.

All these years on the Hatfield Practice still works the same way. It runs on happy patients, smiles, generosity and a lot of laughter. Today’s team has taken many years to come together—many of our practitioners here been here since the early days. Our reception team don’t frown. They smile, are interested and are genuinely happy to help. Everyone plays a very active role in the development of the Practice. The trick here is to love what you do. Our ethos from day one has been to treat, educate and support all the way.  It’s never been a numbers game. That’s not who we are. It’s always been about looking after people, enjoying the personalities and doing what we do best. We will always go the extra mile. Your wellbeing and satisfaction is the focus of our Hatfield Practice. 


About us | Ian and Helen Norman | the hatfield Practice

Ian and Helen Norman


Most of our patients come to the Hatfield Practice via recommendation from their family and friends. Some patients from GP’s or consulting specialists. Hatfield Practice tailor-makes each treatment to suit you as a person. Above all, we aim to be professional, safe and patient-focused. It is essential that you are happy because that leaves you relaxed and helps you recover faster. A recent survey of patients showed that most of our patients had considerable improvements in their symptoms after a couple of visits. After the treatment, your Practitioner will explain clinical findings to you. It is very important that you have an excellent idea of what the problem is, how long it will take before they feel better and a good understanding of why the problem happened in the first place. 

We care about your experience.

We provide focused, good quality, individual attention. Our practitioners are handpicked and care about your experience. Every patient that comes through the Hatfield Practice is individually assessed, treated, advised and educated. The Hatfield Practice aim to be effective and thoughtful. Your experience at our clinic is our number one priority 

100% individual attention 

  • No Waiting Lists  – NHS waiting times can be painfully long or over the telephone!
  • They are a Multidisciplinary team – Rapid access to Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture or Professional Massage
  • Immediate Convenient Appointments – Day, Evening & Weekends we will do our best to help you.
  • Clinical Expertise, and Experienced –  Quality professional  Sports Injurytreatments, Joint, Disc, Nerve and Muscle and bone pain.
  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment – Our ability to see you quickly and cross-refer if needed is essential for a  rapid recovery.
  • We are Safe, personal and Professional – Guaranteed 100% Individual Attention, Treatment and Privacy
  • You, Will, Get Better Faster in Hatfield  – All clients are given adequate specialist treatment time.
  • Personal Education Is Our Strength – Bespoke advice tailored to your needs. Treatments aim to reduce injuries in the long term.
  • Courtesy Call – To establish the effectiveness of treatment and answer any questions. 

Our ideal is to provide top quality, affordable yet brilliant treatments that work. Providing patients with long term solutions is essential to us. Our specialists will get to the root cause of your condition.

We Provide OsteopathyCranial OsteopathyOsteopathsPhysiotherapySports PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapistsTraditional Chinese AcupunctureInfertility Acupuncture ( specialising infertility), Cosmetic AcupunctureHayfever AcupunctureStress AcupunctureAcupuncturistsMassage TherapiesMassage Chinese CuppingHolistic TherapiesDeep MassageDeep Tissue Sports MassageInjury Sports MassageHolistic MassageDeep Soft Tissue Massage,  Lymphatic MassageAromatherapy MassageIndian Head MassageHot Stone MassageReiki HealingHomeopathy & Reflexology.

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