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2020 Treatment Prices

Thanks for visiting the Hatfield Practice. Our 2020 treatment price list is designed to be as honest and clear as possible. Below is a clear description of treatments and charges. Ringing around for treatment costs can be quite stressful when you’re in pain. Hatfield Practice provides safe, professional-quality treatments.  The

Hatfield Practice, always trying our hardest to be the best and serve our local community. If you are in pain and are homeless, on benefits due to chronic illness or reduced income. Please email Ian Norman on and briefly explain what your problem is. We will always do our best to help. We also provide reduced fees for children under five for parents on income support and disability and sickness benefits.

Hatfield Practice

 £12.00 off your first Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Acupuncture  treatment includes*:

  • We will take a full medical case history,
  • Undertake a detailed biomechanical examination,
  • Perform a Postural analysis before treatment
  • Professional hands-on treatment (Not just exercises or electrotherapy).
  • Design individual exercises for you in mind.

Hatfield Practice 2020 Massage treatments are currently on a  special offer price of £30.00 for a half-hour and £44.00 per hour (previously £35.00 and  £55.00 per hour).

Gift vouchers can be purchased over the phone from the Hatfield Practice reception. Call us anytime on 01707 888229 (we will happily post any vouchers to you). You are more than welcome to collect in person from The Hatfield Practice reception. 

Physiotherapy – Osteopathy – Acupuncture

Adult Students & Kids
1st Consultation examination and treatment –  discount applied only – £36.00 instead of £48.00 (30 – 45 mins)  £36.00* £32.00
Follow-up Consultation and Treatment (30 – 45 mins) £43.00 £32.00
One hour of Osteopathy, Acupuncture or Physiotherapy £82.00 £56.00
Osteopath / Osteopathy Massage treatment (1 Hour Combination Therapy – Osteopathy / Sports Massage) £56.00  

 Home Visits – We Come To You

1st Consultation & Treatment (Treatment time approx. 45- 60 mins). Plus  15 mins each way travel  and equipment set up time £82.00  
Follow-up appointments         ( Treatment time approx. 45-60 mins –  Plus  15 mins each way travel and equipment set up time £82.00  

Homeopathy Doctor

Adult Students & Kids
1st consultation inc. medication (One and a half hours) £72.00 £57.00   
Follow-up consultation inc. medication (30 – 45 mins) £52.00 £37.00  
1st consultation inc. medication (Adult One and a half hours)  (Children 1 hour). Follow-up consultation inc. medication (30 – 45 mins)    

 Acupuncture for Fertility Hatfield

Acupuncture for Fertility   – Fertility/ Medical History, Detailed Patient Analysis, Working Plan & Treatment (one hour) £80.00
Fertility Follow-up Acupuncture ( 30 – 40 mins ) £45.00

Acupuncture – Facial Rejuvenation 

First consultation and Facial Acupuncture (one hour) £75.00

Deep Soft Tissue Massage​

Hatfield Massage and Holistic Therapies

  30 Min   60 Min 90 Min
Sports Massage    £30.00      **** £44.00 £80.00
Deep Soft Tissue Massage   £30.00      **** £44.00 £80.00
Remedial/ Swedish Massage   £30.00      **** £44.00 £80.00
Pregnancy Massage   £30.00      **** £44.00      ****
Chinese Cupping Therapy  (Fire Cupping & deep tissue massage)   £30.00      **** £44.00      ****
Hopi Ear Candles   £43.00      ****      ****      ****



Treatment terms and conditions – 

Some of our one-hour massages are currently on a  special offer price of £44.00 ( previously £55.00) unless otherwise stated. please feel free to read a little about  Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage Therapy ( click here.) 

The other money off promotions does not include students or children as already discounted. Our special offer enables a new patient to the Practice  £12.00 off their first consultation and treatments listed below.

Offer includes complete detailed examination, postural analysis, hands-on therapy and exercises if needed. 

Please ask for a cup of tea or coffee and biscuit is optional!  Offers and discounts are only valid during a particular calendar year. To save confusion and to preserve goodwill our offers may not be used in conjunction with any other unless agreed by Ian or Helen beforehand.  All rights reserved to change prices/website detail/ conditions and special offers at any time. The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice Ltd. Our Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Massage and Acupuncture therapies are discounted for our promotional special offer months only.




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Physiotherapy Treatment

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