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Corporate wellness

We could be the answer to your staff absenteeism problems.

The Hatfield Practice specialise in onsite Physiotherapy treatments for local businesses. To demonstrate the value of our treatment, we are more than happy to offer a free trial course of treatments for 1 or 2 of your employees. Recent government research has revealed that an average level of sickness is about ten days each year which equals about 4% of the workforce off work for a whole year. Hatfield Practice has provided Physiotherapists,  Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists to various local and national businesses for over twenty years. Contracts vary from those which involve just occasional visits for advice on lifting, seating and ergonomics to those for which we supply a small team of therapists regularly every week. Prices are negotiable and competitive.




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Hatfield Practice Business Support – Getting employees better!

Work-related injuries are probably the most presentation to the Hatfield Practice. and why people visit our clinic. Patients attend after they have been off work sick for a few days and often have had several episodes of pain in the past (time off work for prolonged periods).  Driven by pain and frustration, they have finally decided to come and get help. Increasingly, we have been working with local businesses to address such problems by ensuring rapid return to work when injuries occur, reducing injury recurrences and working with employees with non-resolving pain symptoms.

All the companies to which we provide our services have been using us for many years.

We Provide high-quality care:-

  • Hatfield Practice provides good quality care with G.P. and specialist liaison for complex cases.
  • We are providing rapid access to physiotherapy treatment, usually within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of contact.
  • Improving productivity is the key. A reduction in sick days is typical due to treatment being initiated quickly. The support provided, treatment and advice provided aim to reduce ongoing problems and possible litigation.
  • Those clients who come are inclined to take time off work with the pain of  ” debatable severities ” often discover that they can work as soon as assessment and treatment are offered.
  • We are easy to work with, good communicators and are very flexible – employees vary from those who only pay the first couple of treatments to those who are happy to pay for more extended cover. (We regularly provide updates for Occupational Health review).
  • Difficult and complex cases can easily be referred to a senior therapist for an individual case review.
  • We offer the option of sending employees to the Hatfield Practice, and we also provide  “on-site”  treatments at your place of work.

We are responsible for arranging the treatment – not the employer who agrees/suggests the referral.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Patients leave our clinic with a good working diagnosis (i.e. optimistic outlook). They have a good idea of how they can help themselves. Employees will also have a good idea about long it will take to get better, along with a good understanding of why the problem has happened to them in the first place. Treatment is topped up with good quality education/rehabilitation advice. The problem does not repeatedly happen, costing them more pain and more lost hours and productivity.

Funding Arrangements

If you would be interested in using the Hatfield Practice to treat your employees, please arrange a meeting to discuss with you what is required. We can tailor a service to suit you.

Funding arrangements are adaptable.

We can either:

  1. Invoice your company every month, including details of each treatment.
  2. Charge the employee when they visit us. We will be provided with a receipt to be refunded by the company in whole or part.

We usually charge per visit for payments made by a company account (pre-arranged). However, if the throughput of referral is significant, a reduction to this rate can, of course, be negotiated to suit any funding budgets. We will not add any charges for holding an account for you. Referrals can be made by any approach that is preferred, but most companies prefer to email. Alternatively, you can fax a referral to us (we can contact the employee to make an appointment), or the employee can be given a referral form, and he/she can contact us to make an appointment. Hatfield Practice will always provide feedback information to you (we obtain the employee’s permission for this at his/her first visit). We also offer injury assessments (with or without a report) and manual handling courses.

We are flexible and wish to provide an above-average service. If you would are interested and would like more information, or would like to make an appointment to discuss the arrangement, please call us on 01707 888229 (out of hours 0780 339 2903) and ask to speak to Ian Norman (Head Osteopath & Practice Director).

You can also contact us via email: