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The internet has brought a world where treatment options and other clinics are only a click away, customer loyalty is  really one of the most important things these days. Today’s patients have access to an endless amount of information about your business. Online research shows that people are ready and willing to stay with companies who go above and beyond to create a fantastic customer experience. That in short is what we aim to do. We feel its important to provide a friendly and professional experience from the moment we open the front door to the time you leave Recommend us to a friends or family member?  We will give you both £5.00 OFF your next treatment.* The Hatfield Practice believe in developing and improving customer experience and providing you with the best treatments.

An experience that people would enjoy

We have met many amazing people over the years and have learnt huge amounts, it was never going to be be easy. Our dream has always been to create  a place that people enjoy. Not a sterile medical clinic where a cough sounds loud, but a friendly, professional and fun place to be. Quiet empty places are for libraries, four year old magazines are for dentists  waiting rooms. These places reminded us where you sit quietly for while waiting for “them” to come and “get you”.  WE wanted laughter, mini coffee and cake mornings with real people that tell you how it used to be.  Somewhere where people could relax, have great treatments from the friendly practitioners. I don’t think we have ever settled for less. In essence creating a healthcare practice that in the first place you would want to visit.

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The Hatfield Practice – you can relax

We aim to provide the best possible experience. Our reception area is our hub, a place you can relax.  Read all the latest magazines or have a hot drink and chat about the world. We want The Hatfield Practice to be a happy place, full of smiles and positive experiences. We think that Patient loyalty is the mark of our success.  Our £5.00 off   is in response to many  people telling us how many friends they have recommended! Its our way of saying thank you, another way of helping us to help you. We feel its important to provide a safe, friendly and professional experience from the moment you we open the front door to the time you leave .

A family run business

The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice is  run by husband and wife team Ian and Helen Norman. TWe run the Hatfield Practice in a friendly, thoughtful yet professional way. Our ideal is to provide top quality affordable treatments.  Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture treatments that work. Massage and Holistic treatments are also fundamental to our Hatfield Practice service.


Ian and Helen Norman a family run bussines

Ian and Helen

Why choose The Hatfield Practice?

We employ the experienced, highly trained Professionals who have passed the grade. Our practitioners are “in house” trained and encouraged to work the way we always have. Our aim is to provide a professional treatment experience. Of course its important not only to keep standards high but to be great value for money. The Hatfield Practice has a clear and open pricing structure . We are here 8am – 8.30 pm to help you with any questions you may have.

30 years experience in health care

We have been providing patients with long term solutions for over 30 years. Quality, professionalism and value are important to us. Our hand picked team will get to the root cause of your condition – beyond the symptoms, because we don’t want you to spend your life on a treatment table. With over 30 years of clinical experience you can be rest assured that you are choosing the right People. Our £5.00 off treatment offer  is in response to many  people telling us how many friends they have recommended! Its our way of saying thank you

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