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The Hatfield Practice – Where you can relax.

We aim to provide the best possible healthcare experiences. Hatfield Practice reception area is our hub, a place you can relax, read all the latest magazines, have a hot drink and chat about the world. The Hatfield Practice is a happy place, full of smiles and proven positive experiences. We believe that Patient loyalty is the mark of our success.  Our £5.00 off is in response to many people telling us how many friends they have recommended to the Hatfield Practice! It’s simply our way of saying thank you, another form of helping us to help you. We feel it is essential to provide a safe, friendly and professional experience from the moment you open the front door to the time you leave. We have been providing complimentary treatments for over 30 years. Our hand-picked team will get to the root cause of your condition – beyond the symptoms because we don’t want you to spend your life on a treatment table. Our practitioners are “in-house” trained and encouraged to work the way we always have. Of course, it’s essential to keep standards high and be excellent value for money.


Ian and Helen Norman a family run bussines

Ian and Helen

Experiences that people enjoy

We have met many amazing patients over the years and have learnt huge amounts about people; it was never going to be easy!  The dream has always been to create a healthcare practice that people love coming to, a friendly, professional, fun place to go when they needed a hand. Quiet, empty places are for libraries, four-year-old magazines are for dentist and railway waiting rooms. We wanted laughter, happiness, smiles, coffee, and cake mornings with real people telling you how it is and how it used to be.  The Hatfield Practice is somewhere where you can relax and have excellent treatments. I don’t think we have ever settled for less. In essence, creating a healthcare practice that you would really want to visit and of course, always recommend mum or your best friend. That, in short, is what we aim to do. It’s also essential to provide a friendly and professional experience from when you come in the front door to the time you leave.

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