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Ian Norman – Osteopath, BSc.Ost. Hon. Medical Acupuncturist

Osteopathy at The Welwyn and Hatfield Pratice

Ian Norman clinical director and lead Osteopath


Ian Norman graduated after completing a five year full-time course at the  British School of Osteopathy in Suffolk street London, gaining a Honours degree in Osteopathy. Member of the Institute of Osteopathy (IO) and registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Ian has been qualified since the 1990’s. The Hatfield practice is run by Ian and Helen Norman a husband and wife team. They have six grown up children and laughter lines as proof. Ian and Helen have been involved in health care for over 30 years.  “We run the Hatfield Practice in a friendly, thoughtful yet professional way. Our ideal is to provide top quality, affordable yet brilliant treatments that work.

I try to use empowering approaches and always try to tackle pain  problems in a positive way. I will often go the extra mile in order to exceed my patients’ expectations. When you visit us, the first thing you will notice is a genuine friendly atmosphere. We do our best to be professional, yet caring and personal. Ian is  very “hands on” and enjoys treating the emotional as well as physical aspects of pain. Most of our patients are referred by their GP, friends or specialist on recommendation. Most of you will feel improvement after your first visit or two.

“Helping patients back to health is really why we do what we do. I always  try my hardest for people and always approach treatment in an educating and encouraging way” . Ian suggests that the art is to treat people from a mind, body and spirit perspective. I really enjoy treating  ”non-resolving” pain conditions. You just have to try harder, concentrate more and learn to think laterally by understanding your patient. The key I feel  is to really listen to people”.

Ian Norman being taken for a walk with Woofie

Often “unrelated” problems keep us from getting better and reaching our potential. This thought  is the heart of our Osteopathic approach. I have a personal interest and passion in sports related injuries and have time served experience with sports teams working “hands on” rugby at Twickenham and various national sporting events. I try to  focus on the whole person and not just the presenting symptoms. I have my own unique style of sports neuro-release treatment .

Locally in Welwyn and Hatfield  we work in partnership with GPs and health specialists treating workplace / medico – legal injuries.  I enjoy  resolving staff injury problems such as repetitive and non resolving conditions that leave people off work for long periods of time. I think mostly “prevention is better than cure”. Ian also worked  ten years or so  with the RAF and aerospace sector advising on ergonomics and treating workplace injuries. It was challenging but great fun. I have also  worked within the NHS as well as private health care clinics.

I am  happy to give talks to groups and individuals with the aim to encourage,  educate and explain. Using simple terms that can help employees to understand why injuries happen and how they can guard against them. Feedback suggests these workshops can really increase  understanding and reduce the risk of injuries.

Thanks for visiting our Welwyn and Hatfield Practice web site. I hope you have found what you have been looking for. If you need further information please contact me directly  on 075 909 242 66.

Likes:  Osteopathy, laughing, the beach, meeting people, sharing, getting lost !, random adventure, cycling, Kids, sports cars, laughing, flying planes, psychology, hypnosis, chocolate, Pets – dogs, cats and chickens

Dislikes: how quickly time go’s, drama kings & queens, Monotony, TV ( loves films), earwigs, negativity, stingy people