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Leon Labistour – SRP, GradDip.(Phys)

leon physiotherapist - The welwyn and hatfield practice

Leon was qualified in 1992 from St Mary’s School of Physiotherapy at the time when research was beginning to improve thanks to the new degree courses and the development of research posts. Over the past 16 years he was mostly NHS based, he has been part of continuing growth of our profession as we have sought to implement research findings into our patient management. His skills and level of expertise has increased as his hands on experience helped to apply theoretical knowledge to actual patients. His last post was a Service Lead within Imperial College NHS Trust where he was responsible for the line management and training of staff and expert treatment, often a specialist tertiary referrals, at St Charles and St Mary’s Hospitals.

Leon has particular interest in treating neck, temperomandibular joint and carcinogenic headache symptoms and is pursing a research idea in this area of treatment as it links in well to his current professional interest and as a cellist. He has treated musicians successfully in the past, mostly guitar and violin players with posture based problems.

He has a wide experience of treating orthopaedic, rheumatology, neuromusculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain presentations and has been responsible for teaching staff and students in the workplace for many years. Leon managed a complex patient mix including tertiary referrals from the Pain Clinic and the Orthopaedic department at St Mary’s hospital. He has excellent interpersonal skills for managing patients with a history of depression or significant psychosocial factors affecting their rehabilitation. His case load has regularly involved patients with sports injuries where he has liaised with gym instructors or coaches to achieve a return to their sport.