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Sarah Fix – BSc.(Hons)Ost.

Sarah Fix Osteopathy at The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice

Sarah joined the practice in 2007 and has a broad range of experience working in private practices. She particularly enjoys treating lower back and pelvic pain, as well as problems that come from the working environment. She is also qualified in the use of dry needling, various forms of electrotherapy and is also a practitioner of naturopathy. Sarah also has an interest in treating back related problems in pregnancy. In the future, she wishes to develop her scope of practice to treat animals.

Likes:  being outside, horses & horseriding, dogs, being active, skiing, country life, dinner parties, baking, making homely things, talking through films, home-brews, Christmas

Dislikes:  mornings, traffic, rain, liquorice, bad service, recorded calls,  spiders, wasps, hangovers, losing mobile reception