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Shirley Sands – Receptionist

Shirley has worked at The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice in the role of  Practice Manageress  for over four  years and during this time has got to know many of our patients very well. Shirley is always smiling and has the patience of a saint.

“I thoroughly enjoy my role as receptionist and look forward to meeting with new people almost every day!”

“I have learnt to understand that visiting any new practice for the first time can sometimes be a daunting experience and a friendly face, cup of tea and a chat can work wonders when settling nerves.”

Shirley will be happy to try and answer any questions you may have about the treatments available or book an appointment for you when necessary.

Call us on: 01707 888 229 or email us at:

Likes:  holidays, my lovely dog Misty, being inside cosy when it’s raining, going out to eat & be merry, make up & clothes, getting a bargain, living life to the full!

Dislikes:  rude people, call centres, heights, being cold, supermarkets (actually any kind of food shopping – I just buy clothes instead!!)