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Health and Saftey as a Whole

Health and Saftey  the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

Over two million people in the UK suffer accidents at work every year, according to HSE statistics. A study by the labour force survey showed that this includes around 300,000 injuries which are serious enough to be reported, representing a rate of one serious work accident per 100 workers.


There are about 2.5 million sport or activity related injuries in the UK per year making sports injuries one of the major causes of work absence in Great Britain.

This is a serious problem because not only is it costing companies, sports facilities and sport clubs millions of pounds of compensation in this economic crisis it is leaving certain individuals with life changing injuries. This is one of the reasons why the government has cracked down on health and safety, to prevent and avoid these incidents from occurring and to make workplaces and sports facilities a worry free environment for employees, participants and visitors.

All the acts are in place are all similar to each other because of the main reason being, protecting everyone’s safety and well-being including employees, participating players and spectators. These acts and regulations are put in place as a legal necessity to ensure a safety net for every person watching, working within or playing the sport. The Hillsborough disaster had a big impact and these acts are in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

All the acts, the national governing bodies, the school policy, the HSE and the laws are all similar in the fact that they have a form of relation between the government and how they are run. Within the sports side of things the national governing bodies are different because they usually only take into account their own sport, for example the FA will not concern about sports governed by other bodies, this is similar to the school policies because from each sport there are different laws and rules and with the school policies as the rules are different from school to school it would make sense the school governing body would take control of the school policy rather than the government. The HSE is run and maintained by the government alone, making sure all the rules and laws are modern and up to date.

A negative impact of extreme health and safety acts is that it can restrict how much a school or a community can do outside the facility due to all the paperwork and permission that is required to go ahead. The members of staff have to spend hours filling in the paperwork while having the large risk of accidents which could lead to the staff being sued by the parents or guardians of the children.

A positive impact of the extremely health and safety acts is that it means that all external groups visiting the facility can feel more reassured that they are being looked after. All the paperwork and permission is there to make sure that everything is covered from one extreme to another.

In conclusion although the extreme health and safety acts can put a limit on how much an organisation/school can do, it will provide extra security and care of everyone’s well-being.

Alex Norman sixth form

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