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The Art of Being Present

#1 The Art of Being Present

Take a few moments to look at your relationship with time. Are you late? Are you early?

Where does your schedule originate from? Outside or inside you?

Consider that you are always on time….

The less time pressure you feel, the happier you are.

Don’t be at the mercy of clocks and calendars. Break free of them. Use them as tools for appointments and such, but don’t let them determine your inner state of happiness.

Cultivate an inner smile whether time seems to fly or crawl…

When we laugh at the concept of time, it flows like a dream. Let’s enjoy the surreal quality of time. How? By bringing our attention not just into the present, but rather into the conglomerate of past, present and future. Fuse them together. Be bigger than all three.

When past, present and future merge into each other, you feel whole again and your life becomes better balanced and integrated.

Joy, freedom and spontaneity return.

Don’t think about it.

Feel it….

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