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Faraway tree

Faraway tree

Pathways to persistence
Revisit bitter recycle moments
Hold unfulfilled dreams like hurts
All my spirit does is collapse
Unaware of journeys endlessness
Hopeful life will redress flow
Fruitlessness of constant reposition
What was one, my closest friend
Bastard hold and stare deliverance
Lords prayer counting days to hell
Promise roses and deliver thorns
Talk of angels and being unborn
Just Fairytale promises and unicorns
Pathway to existence be reborn
Like footsteps in the midnight snow
Revisit always troubled yesterday
The fire the light. It burns leaves
tonight seems dark I feel deceived
Pathways blocked I'm on my knees
Pray the demon satisfied it's needs
For me my stone heart never bleeds

(c) Normskiii 2011

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