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Philo means love – sophi means wisdom.

I am not a philosopher A philosopher thinks about things
Real Truth through seeing without thinking,
Clarity is always when the mind is aside.
When you see the world through silence not logic
When you think about it all you miss it
No mind logic is pure soul.
While u think you miss it
Thoughts then go miles away
Thinking is a veil on the eyes
Reality becomes imposed with thinking
Philosophers think But the truth is deeper.
 No mind thinking is intuition
Intuition is soul and gods voice
Its deep deep peace.
The mind imposes itself on us and creates reality
It is not the truth
If you see light you don't think about it
Non thinking is freedom from socialisation,logic, conscious examination.
Intuition is gentle, soft but strong
A product of meditation
Fragile as a dandelion clock.
Osho - Normskiii

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