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Three treatments for £99.00

We provide Cost Effective – high end Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture treatments in the Welwyn and Hatfield area . Many of our patients receive a combination of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy /Acupuncture or Sports Massage during the same session. We feel its important that our patients can make their own decisions about their well-being. We offer a genuine cost effective option to NHS treatments.

Our unique and highly effective approach will out perform any standard Physiotherapy / Osteopath treatment. We will reduce your pain fast. Our combination Physiotherapy treatments are rarely available outside expensive Harley Street Practice or Specialist “End of the Road” NHS pain clinics. Our Hatfield Practice treatment plans are brilliant & designed with with you in mind. Backed up by 25 years of clinical experience. We promise that we will get you pain free faster than anyone else.

Patients tell us that they love the way we look after them, its probably what we do best. Your satisfaction is important to us in many ways . If Your not Happy … We wont charge you a penny. That’s honestly who we are. The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice is one of Hertfordshires leading clinics. Our safe and natural approach to healthcare is why Doctors recommend their patients to us . Our focus on the musculo-skeletal system (bones), muscles, ligaments and connective tissues – as well as the way in which these parts inter-relate to the body as a whole .

Our team of osteopaths, Physiotherapy, Chinese Acupuncturists and Trained sports Massage therapisits are here to perform deep tissue massage, stretches, joint mobilisations, manipulations, rehabilitation and various other techniques to gently and safely bring about lasting pain relief. Try our healthy natural approach, with over 25 years of clinical experience – you can’t go wrong.

We also have a specialises Acupuncture- fertlity clinic and pre – post pregnancy treatments.

Try it out for yourself today and pay only £99.00  instead of  £120.00  for three professional sessions, including full consultation, physical examination and treatments at The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

Many conditions benefit from treatment, although pain is not a prerequisite when chosing to visit The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice. You may, however, require postural alignment due to imbalances caused by either recreational or occupational activities, or even to release tension that has built up in your body as a consequence of stress. The list below indicates which problems are most commonly treated at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice.

– Back pain or stiffness

– Postural imbalance

– Headaches

– Sciatica

– Joint disorders

– Neck pain and stiffness

– Sports injuries

– Muscular strains and sprains

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