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UNFORTUNATELY some of us, who suffer aches and pains, know winter is coming long before it arrives.

By keeping your body warm, your joints won’t stiffen up and hurt as much.
Warm muscles and joints are less likely to stiffen or spasm, which can lead to new injuries and renewed pain.”

Ian Norman

The cold weather makes our muscles and joints ache like we have fallen from a fourth floor window and old ghost injuries come back to haunt us.

Whether you have low back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, trapped nerves or just a bad knee or hip from that fall you had 30 years ago, winter can be a time when you feel old and in pain.

However, a Times Territory osteopath is now looking to put an end to all this.

Ian Norman, owner of The Hatfield Practice, said his best advice was to keep warm, drink plenty and keep off the caffeine and nicotine.

“Two of the many substances that cause blood to flow less freely are caffeine and nicotine these can leave you full of aches and pains slowing your bodies ability to heal,” he said.

“It may sound like common sense, but it needs repeating. The best way to avoid cold-related aches and pains is to stay warm, you know layers of under clothes!

“Dress warmly, even when you’re inside the house.

“Heating is expensive but you could invest in a heated under blanket for your bed, this will feel like warm heaven instead of the usual damp lettuce feeling cold sheets can give you.

“After a hot bath why not relax in your warm bed for a hour.

“You can also turn your heating system up a little, close doors and of course make sure you take opportunity with the grants for insulation so costs are kept to a minimum.

“Just remember the cold weather in the UK wont last forever,” Mr Norman added. “By keeping your body warm, your joints won’t stiffen up and hurt as much. Warm muscles and joints are less likely to stiffen or spasm which can lead to new injuries and renewed pain.”

His Welwyn and Hatfield practice on Ground Lane provides osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage and spinal manipulation and other holistic techniques all of which he recommends during the cold keeping muscles warm and flexible..

He added a regular gym routine would also help.

“There are many advantages to exercising these include increased joint function improved musle strength and the maintenance of a healthy level of bone density.

“If you don’t usually exercise start slowly with a relatively gentle routine before moving on to something more energetic.”

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  1. Call our Welwyn and Hatfield Practice and speak to our own Dr House ( Ian Norman)

    Posted by Normskiii in 29 January 2013
  2. Background info: I’m 23 years old female. I inejrud my back about 7 or 8 years ago, I got whiplash from a bucking horse. They think I tore muscles and ligaments in my lower back, nothing was broken for the X-rays. I did physical therapy (PT) for it for about 6 months. About 3 weeks ago I found out that my left leg is about 3 cm longer than my right and could be causing some of my back pain. Oh and I have consent lower back pain. About 1 year ago in March I was diagnosed with lateral tracking of the patella on my right knee. I did 6 months of PT for it and I’m back in PT for it and have been doing it for a month and half. I got an MRI and it was clean, nothing torn or broken. The surgeon says I definitely have knee pain but the cause of it is unknown and surgery right now is not a option. I can’t run, go up or down stairs with out pain, sitting or standing for a long time hurts, driving hurts sometimes, I cant put all or some of my weight on it. I get a burning pain in the inside of knee, it makes a popping feeling, and on the top outer ledge of it. I’m going to go see an orthopedic spine surgeon this week, but this would be doctor number 4 that I have seen for my knee. I really just want to run again and have someone tell me that they know why I’m in so much pain. I can deal with the back pain b/c that never stopped me from running, riding, or got in the way of my life but my knee has. So if anyone can give me clues or help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone knows of a Dr. House for knees please let me know!

    Posted by Citra in 18 July 2012

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