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9 Seasonal Golf tips for Spring

Golf at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

Spring weather is sporadic at best here in England so to combat  the varying temperatures we have put together a few simple ideas to help reduce your risk of injury and maybe improve your golf.5. Remember that Traditional Acupuncture is great for hay fever relief  and allergies especially tree and grass pollen.


1)      Remember backaches and muscle strains are common this time of year so wrap up warm. Trying too hard without preparing first may place stress and strain on our bodies after winter activities. Remember as always  its a really good idea to warm up before playing:-


2)      Have a good think about your game – aim at being relaxed yet focused.  Have a goal for the week, month, and perhaps a yearly goal. Write it down read it before you play. Think relaxed mind – relaxed body – less tension – better scores.


3)      If you have time perhaps take a hot bath before you play. Many elite sports people use 20-45 minute heat baths. The deep heat from the water moves blood and brings relief and much needed blood flow to any arthritis and/or stiff ligaments and of course improves mobility.


4)      Warming up and cooling down really is important and studies show that it reduces injuries. Pick your favourite three stretches and work on them so they practiced and efficient. This will alleviate injuries, stiffness and pain.


5)      Before stretching – walk a little and take deep breaths. Do not bounce or jerk your body if you are cold or in a rush.


6)      Consider having a pro lesson to help your technique. Make sure your posture is correct and you are not using too much muscle tension a good physio/ osteopath can help.


7)      Have a plan of action (i.e. The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice if an injury is experienced) Studies show that fast treatment leads to fast recovery. Pro players are good at this.


8)      Whether or not you are in lots of pain apply ice to any sore muscles or joints after playing. Follow the ice treatment up by 20 minute heat sessions during the next week or so (especially problem parts like shoulders or lower backs.)


9)      Know your limits but revise then often. Have fun….


Ian Norman

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