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Mid Summer Massage – RAIN RAIN RAIN

More than 14,000 people turned out for dawn celebrations of the summer solstice at Stonehenge. One of the wettest starts to midsummer’s day in years. The sunrise was blocked by thick cloud, but the rain-soaked crowd still cheered and applauded at the appointed time of 4.52am. Hope they had a hot breakfast lined up..

Rain makes you ache and your joints stiff…It worsens arthritic pain due to the effects of low barometric pressure on the joints. Load-bearing joints, such as your vertebrae, hips, hands, knees and elbows, as well as all your muscles are most likely to be effected by moisture and damp weather

So NO you’re not imagining it. Your arthritic pain worsens when there is moisture in the air, according to “Arthritis Today,” a publication of The Arthritis Foundation. You may be the first one to detect that rain is on its way. There is no better indicator of approaching wet weather than the aching signs your muscles and joints are giving you.


If you are suffering why not try and  apply either hot compresses on your painful joint. Baths with Epsom salts are great. Getting a Holistic or Sports massage at The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice may help relieve the pain in your aching muscles by easing circulation and removing stiffness in muscles. Going to Spain for two weeks also helps relieve the pain of aching joints and muscles !!!

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