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Fertility at the Welwyn and Hafield Practice

Baby Riley, Sam & Ollie

Acupuncture May Help?  You to Get Pregnant ?

Acupuncture at The Welwyn &  Hatfield Practice helps  to support your health and fertility.

It makes sense that if your bodily systems are working well together, a couple’s chances of conception greatly increase. Acupuncture can help you through all stages from conception, pregnancy to pre-birth, delivery and post natal care.

Our real joy is in helping you to be happy parents  with healthy babies. Our unique style patient care combines with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  fertility focused acupuncture appears to work really well and helps our patients to conceive.

Studies have shown that Acupuncture supports health, IVF and complex health related infertility issues. We have had great success in the last few years with many happy parents and  babies.

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