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Your Posture Check

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This is a interesting trial service for our Welwyn and Hatfield Practice patients.

As bio mechanical specialists we are often asked to examine our patient’s posture and sitting positions at work or when they are in their car.

Why not send us a couple of pictures of yourself at work for  Hatfield Practice analysis.

The best view will be directly from the side and then another at an oblique view to show the relationship of the screen, keyboard or steering wheel etc. and the rest of your body. Get in working/ driving positions for the photo !!!!

Also try to get someone to snap you when you’re not expecting it or at your desk or driving. Another trick is to record yourself using your web cam and if your brave enough send us a short clip via email. Of course ww will then know all your bad habits ! But hay lets start with one problem at a time.

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All Hatfield Practice Physiotherapists are Chartered and registered with the CSP

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