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Reiki – I’m coming to you

Reiki for You at Home

I’m coming to you – “Reiki is such a wonderful gift and it has to be shared” – Atilla Topolics Reiki Practitioner

Reiki at the Hatfield Practice or home

Reiki at the Hatfield Practice or home


Are you not in the mood for travelling to the Hatfield Practice Reiki clinic at the moment?

No problem …

I’ll come to you. You can receive a full professional treatment in the comfort of your own home. You can relax completely in a familiar environment. All I need from you is enough space in your preferred room where I can set up my portable and very comfortable massage bed on which you can lie down comfortably. A blanket may be useful as well. Alternatively, you may choose to sit on a comfortable chair if you wish, but my experience is, that clients can relax more deeply lying down




Distant Reiki

Distance Reiki at the Hatfield Practice

Distance Reiki at the Hatfield Practice

We also offer treatments with the Absentee Method. This means, that you are not phisically present when receiving Reiki. This requires us to discuss a certain time when you are free to lie down comfortably to receive a treatment, just like during normal sessions. This method is every bit as effective as the ordinary treatment and it usually takes less time. In case you need more information about the Absentee Method, please send me an email and I will elaborate…






Reiki for a relative or a pet

Reiki for a Relative or Pet. Hatfield Practice

Reiki for a Relative or Pet

Kids love Reiki! They connect with it naturally and spontaniously. If you have someone in mind who could benefit from a treatment, you can surprise them by requesting a distant Reiki session for them. Or I can travel to their home. Reiki is  also a very simple and effective  way to help someone in need who may be unable to communicate their wishes and needs (for instance a person in coma or at the end of their lives, someone with mental illness or suffering from any other ailments or disease) You can also request Reiki for your pet. Animals love Reiki too and it is very beneficial for them. Animal Reiki sessions are typically great for pets with anxiety, stress, or fear issues. The treatment supports animals before or after surgery, animals living with physical pain due to injury or aging process (problems with hips or joints), or animals at the end of their lives. The sessions usually bring about a sense of peace, calm, comfort and it also relieves pain.

Animals tend to respond to Reiki treatments best at home where the environment is familiar to them and they feel safest and most relaxed, and therefore able to receive the many benefits of the treatment.



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