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Why is swimming so great for children?

If you are looking to get out and active with the children this summer, or simply wondering why swimming is so great for our lovely little ones, read on to find out the great benefits – after all it is a well known fact that swimming is one of the most beneficial activities for them and the rest of the family!

children playing in the sea


Swimming is great for building confidence. Not only does it encourage teamwork abilities it can boost development of self belief of athletic abilities in the water and improve upon social skills.


For overall health swimming is the best all round form of exercise. Not only is it great for your heart and circulation, it provides low impact resistance to build/strengthen muscle. As it provides a challenge for your body it releases endorphins which are your body’s natural way of fighting stress and promoting happiness. Swimming also increases balance, endurance and flexibility.


As swimming uses enormous amounts of energy, the children will fall into a deeper sleep that evening guaranteed. Not only does this aid development, more rest means more energy and alertness the next day!


Drowning is a real risk for children. By teaching your children swimming skills, you can equip them with skills that increase safety in or around water. Children will be more aware of safety hazards that surround water.


Spending time in the water will be positive for a child’s mental health as swimming increases positive moods and can decrease anxiety. By encouraging activity in the water, your children will be more likely to get involved with more activities including sailing, sea swimming or going to water parks.


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