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Are you in pain? – what could be happening? 

Posted by on September 17th, 2021


Low back pain- slipped disc with pain radiating down / in your leg – Possibly sciatica. Sharp pain on leaning backwards may be a spinal joint or sciatica. Trapped nerves may produce painful symptoms or numbness down the leg or arm. The nerve pain tends to be ... (Read more)

Which Patients are Appropriate For Osteopathic Treatment?

Posted by on September 17th, 2021

Pain Who Should You See? – A GPs Guide 
Below are some of the conditions we treat. Hatfield Practice provides a practical and effective route for pain and injury. Private practice offers a considerable amount of frontline support for GPs and the NHS. Complementary treatments reduce the load and provide ... (Read more)

What is physiotherapy treatment?

Posted by on September 17th, 2021

Physiotherapy treatment involves several hands-on treatment options. Preventative exercise-based approaches are combined with deep tissue massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture and manipulation. All work well to reduce pain, relax muscles and strengthen the body. Physiotherapy involves looking at the body as a whole. Rather than focusing on individual areas, they look ... (Read more)

Osteopath or Physiotherapist?

Posted by on September 17th, 2021

Often patients ask who is better, who should I see? Should I see an osteopath or a Physiotherapist? And what’s the difference? In reality, there are probably many more similarities than differences between these two hands-on professions. Both treat muscle and joint pain using specific hands-on treatment techniques, often use ... (Read more)

Homeopathy and Fertility

Posted by on September 17th, 2021

Homeopathy With Foresight – Advanced Fertility Programme

If you are planning to have a family, you and your partner need to be in the best of health. Homeopathy combined with a preconception programme developed by Foresight can help overcome issues such as:

Low sperm count
Premature ... (Read more)

Useful remedies and helpful tips for Fertility

Posted by on September 17th, 2021


Nourish has researched and developed a natural treatment plan for couples to help them take control of their reproductive health. The recommended 4 month course comes in convenient monthly packs and contains nutrients and other ingredients that are vital for conception and your baby’s healthy development.
A multi- ... (Read more)

Western medical protocol for unexplained infertility

Posted by on September 17th, 2021


When all these tests have been performed and all the results considered normal the next port of call is normally an adulatory stimulating drug called Clomifene (or Clomid). This drug is used to stimulate F.S.H, correct irregular ovulation, help increase egg production or correct luteal-phase deficiency. At this point it ... (Read more)

Fertility Problems | Acupuncture

Posted by on September 17th, 2021

The table below will shows you how GP’s and specialists tend to break down the most likely causes of infertility. Do not forget that there can be multiple factors at work in infertility – there may be several problems involving either the male or female, or equally both partners.

Causes ... (Read more)

Fertility treatment and drugs for men and women Hatfield

Posted by on September 17th, 2021

Treatment for women

Stimulating ovulation with fertility drugs
Fertility drugs are the main treatment for women who are infertile due to ovulation disorders. These medications regulate or induce ovulation. In general, they work like natural hormones — such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) — to trigger ovulation.

Commonly used ... (Read more)

Cranial osteopathy and pregnancy

Posted by on September 17th, 2021

Cranial Osteopathy works with the body’s spinal, lymphatic and fluid pathways. Cranial aids the bodies self healing mechanisms by helping to re-balance fascial, spinal fluid and muscle resistance.  The bodies internal tissues move in a rhythmic and cyclical way. Most of these processes are automatic and described medically as ... (Read more)