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Why choose Hatfield Practice?

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Hatfield Practice - keeping you moving, physically healthy

Hatfield Practice is run by husband and wife team Ian and Helen Norman. The Normans have been involved in health care for over 30 years.  Ian Norman explains, “We aim to run the Hatfield Practice in a friendly, thoughtful and professional way. Our idea is to provide top quality, affordable treatments that work. Providing patients with […]

Hatfield Practice – Our Approach

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Hatfield Practice – Our unique approach to patient care The Hatfield Practice provides a safe place you can trust. We provide Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Massage treatments that will leave you feeling great, satisfied and happy. Around 80 % of our patients are referred to us as recommendations by local Gp’s, friends and family. Feel free to come in anytime […]

Is your home office ruining your posture?

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Employees know Poor posture may cause back and shoulder pain. Hatfield Practice

Due to the pandemic more of us than ever are now working from home and that’s bad news for back health. Poor posture from slouching can put pressure on the vertebrae and contribute to overworked muscles. Whether you’re working from your home office or returning to the office, maintaining a healthy posture can prevent back […]

Acupuncture Can Boost Your Immune system

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Hatfield Acupuncture

Acupuncture can regulate your immune function. It treats the underlying cause of the disease by reducing symptoms, speeding up the healing of infection and normalizing the body’s immune response. Regular acupuncture therapy can be effective in treating asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, colds and infections. Your immune system is your body’s security detail — the cells, tissues and […]

Fertility conditions that can benefit from Acupuncture

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  Helen and Maggs have over 30 years of experience treating women with fertility issues. The Hatfield Practice can support you at every stage of the journey. Conditions that can benefit from Traditional Acupuncture include;   IVF support Pre and Post Embryo transfer Sperm issues Endometriosis PCOS Period pains Irregular periods Frequent miscarriage Immunology issues […]

Hay Fever Relief

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Acupuncture is brilliant for Hay Fever Symptoms. Hay fever sufferers who underwent 12 acupuncture sessions, experienced fewer symptoms and required less antihistamine medication compared to a control group. Researchers from Charite-University Medical Center, Berlin, Germany, reported in Annals of Internal Medicine. Hay fever, medically known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, is often caused by allergies (usually) […]

Knee Bursitis

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How to recognise and treat knee bursitis

Knee bursitis is inflammation of a small fluid-filled sac (bursa) near and around the knee joint. Bursae help to reduce friction and cushion pressure points between your bones, tendons, muscles and skin near your joints. Symptoms of knee bursitis Knee bursitis symptoms vary, depending on which bursa is affected and what’s causing the inflammation. Quite […]

Sciatica -The Hatfield Practice

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Back pain explained

The Hatfield Practice has provided solutions for back pain and sciatica since 1988. The Practice aims to provide you with professional,  effective and affordable treatments. Please feel free to give us a call on Hatfield 01707 888229 and we will do our best to help you today. The term “Sciatica” is derived from the nerves […]

Migraine relief and acupuncture

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Hatfield Headaches

Hatfield Practice headache and migraine clinic has over 30 years of experience treating pain and headaches. Helen Norman Acupuncturist works alongside our multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists and Osteopaths. Acupuncturists at the Practice specialise in using particularly gentle traditional Acupuncture techniques. New ideas and traditional values are an essential part of our Hatfield Acupuncture treatments. Traditional Acupuncture […]

Acupuncturist Jenny Meagor

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Biog Jenny Meagor Acupuncturist BA BSc MBAcC

Jenny Meagor BA BSc (Acupuncture) MBAcC. joined The Hatfield Practice team in the Spring. Jenny is a Traditional Acupuncturist. She joins Helen Taylor Weekes, Co-Director of the practice and Senior Acupuncturist with nearly 30 years of experience.