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Acupuncture Success Stories

Acupuncture Hatfield for fertility

Helen and Baby Riley



In the past 20 years Acupuncturist  Helen Taylor-Weekes has helped hundreds of men and women with unexplained infertility to conceive. Our practice for Fertility Acupuncture is situated in the Welwyn and Hatfield area.

Helen practises Traditional Acupuncture , an Ancient Chinese technique that works on the theory that when the body is in balance everything works as it should, including conception.

Trying to Get Pregnant ? Acupuncture can Help?

If you are finding it hard and stressful  trying to get pregnant and avoid miscarriage  you are not alone. Many couples  have struggled with infertility and recurrent miscarriage misery, some  have even been told they have no chance of having a baby.

We hope that by sharing the experiences of our patients with you, people who have faced similar problems with infertility pregnancy and miscarriage, you will find a fresh sense of hope. Many pregnancy success stories including patients who used natural Acupuncture fertility therapy to improve their chances for conception, help prevent miscarriage, and carry their babies to full term.