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Why Acupuncture and Holistic Relaxing Massage Work So Well

Helen Taylor-Weekes  and Tracey Weaver have designed and developed a stress busting session that involves specific Acupuncture and relaxing Massage techniques, designed to calm and rejuvenate your whole system. Whether you have been unwell or just need to wind down, our stress clinic will make you feel like new again.

The hour long session starts with a detailed consultation.

Acupuncture is the most widely applied Chinese therapy and is best known for control of pain. It can actually treat a wide variety of stressful disorders. Acupuncture is based on the concept of maintaining balance and harmony within the body by facilitating the flow of life energy in it. When chi/Qi (life energy) inside the body becomes stagnant and congested, all kinds of mental and physical illness can follow. In order to restore chi distribution, very fine needles are inserted into acu-points along the meridians (energy pathways) of the body. According to the science of acupuncture there are more than 350 acu-points on the meridians of the body.

A large number of neurological and musculo-skeletal disorders induced by stress are being successfully treated by Acupuncture. According to World Health Organization data, the following list of disorders relating to stress can be effectively treated by Acupuncture and supported by massage:

• Headache and migraine

• Trigeminal neuralgia ( Nasty pain in cheek or facial area)

• Paralysis following stroke ( Weakness and/or inability to move)

• Meniere`s disease ( Dizzyness)

• Neurogenic bladder dysfunction

• Nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting)

• Intercostals neuralgia (pain in ribs)

• Cervicobrachial syndrome (pain radiating from neck to arm)

• Frozen shoulder or tennis elbow ( Painful neck,arm and or elbow)

• Sciatica ( Commonly severe pain along the back of the thigh to the foot)

• Low back pain

Our patients have responded well with Acupuncture for the treatment of acute and chronic stress induced disorders such as anxiety, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, insomnia, PMS, menopausal symptoms and depression.

It is also applied for treating chronic pain associated with dysfunction of immune system such as psoriasis (skin disorders), allergies and asthma as well as in the treatment of disorders such as alcoholism, addiction, smoking and eating disorders world over.

The principle here is to clear the blocked energy in the muscles and nerve channels, as well as facilitating the flow of fresh energy (extra in-flow of oxygen) in them. This ensures relaxation of muscle and mind, and relief from stress and tensions.

Why Does  Massage work so well after your Acupuncture?

Massage at The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice  helps you relax your mind, body, and rejuvenates your spirit.  A perfect massage makes you feel great and also has numerous health benefits which you might not be aware of.

Massage therapy is good for almost everyone and will help enormously  with your day-to-day stress, it may help to  ease your pain and inflammation and therefore your quality. In fact,  massage  therapy is believed to be enormously rejuvenating for people dealing with various types of  burnout, fatigue, stress and mental health conditions. Often doctors and psychiatrists recommend massage to help their patients alleviate symptoms related to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Though the mechanism with which massage therapy works is still unknown, but there is no doubt in its effectiveness. It helps you feel relaxed and stimulates various functions within your body including brain’s production of endorphins and serotonin. While endorphins act as a natural pain killer, serotonin is a mood-enhancing substance helping you to feel relaxed and energised.

It is a preferred by many professional and athletes and it helps them feel relaxed before they play. You can also enjoy the health benefits of massage therapy as it also minimises the pain, inflammation and problems related to osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma and diabetes.

• Massage improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. Increased blood flow brings fresh oxygen to body tissues.

• Increased oxygen flow eliminates waste products from inside the body and enhances recovery from diseases.

• Therapeutic massage boosts circulatory and immune systems to benefit blood pressure, circulation, muscle tone, digestion, and skin tone. It also improves the performance of the lungs.

• As muscle tone improves, so do the nerves that connect them, including the spinal cord and the brain.

• Therapeutic massage can promote general well being, enhance confidence and self-assurance.

The variations of massage therapy used at The Hatfield Practice are tailor made to suit your needs. Those are broadly used for personal growth, emotional release, and balance of mind-body-spirit. They include Aromatherapy/Swedish and Neuromuscular Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage

Massage is an excellent relaxant that also increases health and well being.