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Our Professional massage treatments are popular and effective. Maybe choose either Firm deep tissue massage or a gentle, relaxing Hot Stone treatment, massage helps you feel at ease with your body so that it works like new again. Our gentle styles of massage help you to relax, be pain-free and de-stress. The firmer, intensive more in-depth treatments like deep soft tissue, sports or medical massage are on another level and work deeper into muscles and fascia. It’s 100% up to you we are on hand for advice and ideas. In the way of treatments and massage, we can provide you with just what you need. Our practitioners are experienced and professionally trained. The Hatfield Practice is a safe, warm, relaxing environment.The Massage Practice has over 30 years experience in providing patients healthcare. Massage has always been an essential part of our Hatfield treatment structure. Patients return for massage year after year. Of the new patients that attend most are on recommendations from friends and family.

Our specialist massages include:

  • Combination massage mixes up osteopathic treatment with deep tissue work, feels like a whole body workout.
  • Osteopathic massage deep tissue, firm and on another level. Very effective
  • Physiotherapy massage sports massage by a fully trained physiotherapist
  • Sports massage from one of our  experienced, professionals  
  • Deep tissue massage a more in-depth rhythmic style of firm soft tissue treatment.
  • Holistic treatments & massages hot stone treatments, reflexology aromatherapy or Indian head massage


Massage brings freedom of movement

Your first appointment starts with a detailed medical case history. The medical history, previous problems and medical checks taken into account. Therapy typically involves the style or type of style you have chosen. Generally, Deep soft tissue massage will work quite firmly along specific muscles and reinvigorates nerve pathways and has many documented benefits. Treatment tends to release muscular reflexes and tissue shortening ( stiffness) that can lead to fibrosis, deep muscle pain and stiffness. The massage provides a fantastic sense of lightness, freedom of movement and may help to reduce further injuries.

 Mobilisation or manipulation of the spine (helping the central control of the whole body), articulation of peripheral joints to aid mobility and soft-tissue work is part of some sessions. Others include reflex and trigger point therapy and nerve–release techniques to improve the tensions through the nervous system. Excellent for early stages of sciatica or low back pain. Initial treatment can reduce the risk of any popped disc, joint and nerve injuries.

Sports massage and Deep Soft Tissue Massage

 Sports massage is a form of deep soft tissue manipulation that uses several firm-specific techniques. Sports massage for treating physically active individuals, although will suit anyone involved in heavy-duty physical activities and sports performance.  Firm deep tissue treatment also works just as well for people that drive or sit at desks for hours. Some people are more vulnerable to injury because of the amount of mental or physical stresses placed on their body. In time these tensions can become very painful. Sports massages can help to relieve niggling aches and pains, best treated early before the symptoms develop into anything more serious. Massage can also be useful for post-event relaxation and recovery after training or an event.



Massage helps to reduce stress and muscular tension

Sports massage is a brilliant way to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue. Sports therapy helps to maintain muscular conditioning and joint flexibility for competition. Treatment will almost certainly increase your flexibility, reduce muscular tension and improve athletic performance. Besides flexibility deep tissue eases the effects caused by overtraining which may cause tissue shortening and pain. Firm sports treatment can help you to keep your body flexible, aid your performance and assist you in rehabilitation from injuries and help you stay stress-free and comfortable. We are pleased to provide sports, Medical, Swedish and deep soft tissue massage with our specialists at The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice.

Holistic massage

The primary difference between holistic healing apart from alternative, complementary or integrative medicine is that your physical health is not necessarily the primary focus. 

The experience of physical or emotional pain and discomfort that follows will first prompt interest and search for emotional wellness in the essence of holistic healing. It is true that our sufferings and other physical aches demand our attention. Often shouting or complaining to us to let us know they’re not happy. It is difficult to ignore the obvious when we are physically hurting. Common sense often in the form of pain tells us that we should seek help to alleviate our discomforts. Holistic healing is not an “alternative” to conventional medical care but aims to support, re-energise and balance the mind and body long before the disease process manifests. Often the body is influenced subtly by a chemically aggressive world there can be side effects that manifest in many ways and may cause further disease or depression.

Physical illnesses are often indeed the manifestation of a greater imbalance. Often the feelings have often taken a long time to develop through many episodes over many years. In part “burn out”, chronic fatigue or metabolic diseases may or may not have a cause in the physical but be a combination of subtle abuse.

Holistic or “whole body” healing addresses all parts of the individual, body and spirit.  Not just the physical aspect of a person where manifested illnesses are most apparent we look wider and possibly deeper into who you are and the ways you live. Holistic healing is not intended to serve as a band-aid or a one time fix. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately; living better, being healthier and striving for wholeness and well being.

Massage with an Osteopath or Physiotherapist

In response to requests from patients, this additional treatment option with an Osteopath or physiotherapist included in our list of available treatments. Complementing our other therapies and continuing our tradition of providing patients with professional flexibility and choice. This type of therapy is often quite a unique experience as it combines neuro–release techniques and manipulation if required. We all want to feel better!

Therapeutic and medical massage

A massage designed to complement and support another current treatment plan. Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture or Pilates.  Massage used in conjunction with osteopathic manipulation, for example, is an effective way of speeding up the process. Feel free to discuss this option with your therapist as it may help to save money. Therapeutic includes Swedish or medical massages. This style of massage is more rhymical, softer and for patients that would prefer a medium pressure during treatment.

  • Assists in the removal of waste products and help supply the tissues with essential nutrients to aid recovery.
  • Provides an opportunity to advise specific stretching, training and equipment to help improve performance.
  • Increases blood flow so that tissues can help improve the recovery process.

Osteopathic Neuro-Muscular Massage

The essential style of treatment using a combination of deep tissue, trigger point and neuromuscular techniques to increase mobility. The neuromuscular methods work along specific peripheral pathways to ease nerve pathways, reduce joint stiffness and relieve tension that may contribute to sciatic or nerve root symptoms. 



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