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Benefits of Treatment

An increasing number of Gps. are acknowledging the benefits of osteopathy and physiotherapy. Osteopathy, in particular, is very effective for conditions such as low back pain and sciatica. Osteopathy has many similarities to Physiotherapy, it’s safe and educational and effective. In many cases, your Gp. will recommend patients with back and neck pain directly to the practice. Osteopaths spend years developing techniques and palpation skills designed to treat in a unique hands-on way. Osteopathy improves spinal and joint movements so that the body works as well as it should. Most of us at some point will suffer from an injury, back pain or perhaps overtrain. Osteopathy is great for pain relief and encouraging us back to health, it’s effective and increases independence and confidence. Everyone can benefit from Osteopathy! 

Reasons to visit an Osteopathy department

  • We are not in a rush and won’t keep you waiting for hours
  • No long waiting lists, NHS waiting times can be painfully slow
  • Immediate convenient appointments, day, evenings & weekends
  • Professional, safe clinical expertise. Osteopaths are trained to deal with pain and injury
  • Same day diagnosis and Treatments
  • Osteopathy helps to maximise a rapid recovery
  • 100% Individual attention, hands-on treatment and guaranteed privacy
  •  Personal education is our strength,
  • Bespoke exercise advice with treatment tailored to your needs
  • Courtesy call to establish the effectiveness of treatment and  of course,
  • Happy to answer any questions  you may have 





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