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Osteopathic MOT

Overworked, stressed, not sleeping and feeling sore all the time again; perhaps you need an Osteopathic MOT and checkup?  Many people have the occasional Osteopathy treatment to loosen up and feel like new again. The Hatfield Practice ‘BODY MOT’  is an Osteopathic maintenance treatment that will check you all over and provide hands-on revitalising treatment. The osteopath MOT is a valuable way of determining and correcting problems in sore areas of the spine or body that can become tiring and painful. The Osteopathic MOT treatment may help improve energy levels and reduce the probability of pain.  We will provide you with treatment and specific exercises to help you feel better and strengthen weaker areas. Unfortunately, many of us lead fairly sedentary lives due to family and work pressures leaving muscles and joints achy and painful. It’s a fact that unless we stretch or exercise, we may only use  60% of the available range of motion in our joints! Without a doubt, our head, heart, muscle and joint systems need movement to feel better, feed cartilage and stimulate strength and bone growth. Overwork and a sedentary lifestyle may lead to pain, low energy and constant tiredness. It’s no fun being in pain or simply not moving the way you used to. Osteopathy can help enormously by providing exercises and treatments that encourage energy levels. 

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Osteopathy Helping you to feel better.

Osteopathy treatment will help you feel better. During the consultation, the Osteopath will look for developing problems and restrictions in the bodies framework that may cause pain, stiffness in the near future. Minor changes in the way we work and move can make a massive difference over time. Osteopathy can help to correct many problems through individual advice and treatment. The Osteopath may Recommend further Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Pilates and exercise programs if needed.

Why not have a health check?

Hatfield Practice Osteopathic MOT may benefit anyone who has ever suffered from a back problem, had an accident (even if it was years ago) or works hard or regularly on a computer. An Osteopathic MOT offers you the opportunity to consult one of our Osteopaths who will give your body a comprehensive examination/check over. Prevention is always better than cure.

  • We take a case history.
  • Look at your standing posture.
  • Examine your neck, your thoracic spine and your lower back
  • Compare how your body actually functions with its potential
  • Discuss your work environment
  • Advice on how you can help yourself
  • Devise a treatment programme for you if one is required


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