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Osteopathic MOT

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In our experience when somebody consults us with a recent injury, for example their back “went” as they picked the newspaper off the ground, this simple action was the final straw leading to back pain rather than the cause. The predisposition for this injury existed and that injury would probably have occurred at some point in time whether or not the newspaper was picked up either in the next few weeks or months.

What basis do we have for this statement?

As Osteopaths, we are experts at recognising when an individual’s body is functioning effectively. When it is, the body is flexible, the spine moves in a smooth even way, the muscular tone is balanced and all of the tiny joints in the spine function in the most optimum way for that individual. The person’s posture is good/well balanced and the movement of each breath flows through the body. When this optimal balance is comprised a predisposition to injury exists, and recurrent muscular tension, aches and pains commonly develop.

An Osteopathic MOT offers you the opportunity for you to consult one of our Osteopaths who will give your body a very thorough examination/check over.

  • We take a case history
  • Look at your standing posture
  • Examine your neck, your thoracic spine and lower back
  • Compare how your body actually functions with its potential
  • Discuss your work environment
  • Give advice on how you can help yourself
  • Devise a treatment programme for you if one is required

Our aim is prevention – prevention is better than cure

Many of our clients tell us that when they feel good the last thing on their mind is to book an Osteopathic MOT appointment, or they are so busy that they can not find a spare minute to make an appointment, even though they also believe in prevention.

As part of our service, we discuss whether you wish to have a regular MOT to keep your body in good order, in the way that you consult your dentist regarding the health of your teeth. The time framework of an MOT visit depends on the individual and can be discussed with your practitioner.

Our aim is to provide you with a service that is tailored you your body and needs.