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Benefits of Treatment

The benefits of physiotherapy treatment are well researched and documented. Hatfield Practice provides preventative exercise-based approaches that are carefully combined with deep tissue massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture and manipulation. All treatments work really well to reduce pain, relax muscles and strengthen the body. It is great to know that Physiotherapy is clinically tested, cost-effective and can make an enormous difference to our quality of life.  Physiotherapy is perfect for treating everyday mishaps, work or sports injuries. Physiotherapy can provide physical rehabilitation after road traffic accidents, surgery or illness. Treatments and exercise programs can reduce the use of painkillers and reduce the risk of ongoing pain.

Physiotherapy treatment may bring increased energy and confidence; easing pain and increasing strength helps enormously. Physiotherapy can improve flexibility and reduce pain. With age, improvements are best made with small gentle but consistent steps over time. It won’t take long to feel better, for momentum to follow and positive new habits are formed.  Living well at an advanced age takes determination and time spent on keeping it all working.

Benefits of treatment at the Hatfield Practice

  • No waiting lists – Unfortunately NHS waiting times for physiotherapy can be painfully long and over the phone prescription style exercise sheets. 
  • Immediate convenient appointments – Our Physiotherapists are available from 8 am – 8 pm. The late appointments are available so you can come after work.
  • Professional physiotherapy clinical expertise – Professional and experienced physiotherapists who work as a team.
  • Speedy physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment – Our ability to cross-refer between Physio, Osteopathy or  Acupuncture means a safe and rapid recovery.
  • 100% individual attention – Our Physiotherapists don’t multi-bed and concentrate on you. Guaranteed privacy and top-level care.
  • Our physiotherapist take time – We provide optimum treatment times, for the best treatments. Speedy effective results follow.
  • Hands-on treatments  – We won’t just plug you into a machine. We feel that our hands-on style is our strength. We won’t just give you exercises and stretchy bands!
  • Courtesy calls To establish the effectiveness of Physiotherapy treatments and answer any questions.
  • Dedicated physiotherapy practice – Integrated team working together. Not just a “Physio in a gym” service! 
  • Chartered physiotherapy logo, Hatfield Practice. Benifits of treatment

Chartered physiotherapy at the Hatfield Practice 

Everyone can benefit from Physiotherapy!

Whether you are recovering from back pain or suffering after that weekend rugby or football game?  Physiotherapy can help to improve the way your body functions, moves and feels. Physical independence gives you the freedom to move freely and to work and train harder. Physiotherapy can make an enormous difference in an individual’s ability to perform at a high level. Most peoples lives are hectic and stressful getting enough exercise and eating well is hard. Physiotherapy treatment performed well is also an education and long term investment. Physiotherapy aims to help you over life’s ups and downs encouraging a pain-free, flexible and active lifestyle. 

Why pay for physiotherapy, its available on the NHS for free?

Studies show that fast access to treatment speeds up healing times. Professional sports teams, surgical wards and athletes already know this. Long term pain may stiffen the body and cause stress in other areas. Stiffness often drives inflammation because everything is so tight and such an effort. 

 It’s important to know that movement not only helps the muscles stay strong but keeps all our internal organs healthy. If your spine and rib cage are stiff, it’s harder to breathe and simple activities can be hard work. Blood pressure and heart rate may go up to compensate. 

We will look to improve both your current fitness and function. Work with you with the aim of improving your overall well being. Small steps are all it takes to improve your general fitness and become pain-free.  As well as working with sports and occupational injuries, our Physiotherapists have experience of working with the elderly, disabled and long term unwell.

Senior Citizens

Physiotherapy has enormous benefits for older people. Especially those weak and wobbly after a spell in hospital or a fall. Physiotherapy treatments include:-

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation,
  • Reducing arthritic pain,
  • Improving joint / hip mobility.
  • Working gently towards improved flexibility and movement,
  • Increasing strength for day to day tasks 
  • Improve cardiovascular and lung fitness 
  • Balance training and exercises.
  • Improving body coordination. ( To prevent falls and reduce the risk of large joint replacements).

If you have a specific condition and are unsure if Physiotherapy can help, please contact usEvery Physiotherapy patient is individually assessed, treated, advised and educated. 

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