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Physiotherapy in the Work Place

Physiotherapy in the work place can have some real benefits. In general our experience has shown that you can expect a reduction on staff absenteeism and injury levels. On site treatment also provides a great educational resourse for your staff and boost in morale. The Hatfield Practice have provided PhysiotherapistsOsteopathsAcupuncturists and Massage Therapists to a variety of local and national businesses for over 30  years. Contracts vary from those which involve just occasional visits for advice on lifting, seating and ergonomics to those for which we supply a small team of therapists regularly every week. Prices are negotiable and competitive. Our on-site Physiotherapy – could be the answer to your staff injuries and absenteeism. Feel free to call  Ian Norman at The Hatfield Practice on 01707 888229.

 The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice Physiotherapy

Work related injuries are probably the most common complaint we encounter. The main reason people visit the Welwyn and Hatfield Physiotherapy Practice is to manage pain. In our experience individuals often have been to their Gp first for pain killers and advice.

Often as peoples pain progresses they become desperate for resolution and often will call The Hatfield Practice after they have been off work for a few days or even weeks.  Many of our patients have had several episodes of pain in the past (often with time off work for prolonged periods). The call to us at the Hatfield Practice is when they have finally decided to come and get help.

Specialities We Provide at the Hatfield Practice


Physiotherapy in the Workplace

Increasingly over the years we have been working with local businesses. We aim to address such problems by ensuring a rapid return to work programme when injuries occur.By reducing injury recurrences and “weeding out” difficult patients with non resolving symptoms you can have a happier and supported workforce.

Workplace referred Patients tell us they really value being looked after. Our referal scheme is effective and much cheaper than many private healthcare plans.Companies to which we provide our services have been using us for many years. We hope this reflects the value and care we bring.

Professional Physiotherapy at Your Office?

  • Our good quality care with G.P. and specialist liaison.
  • Rapid access to Physiotherapy treatment often within twenty four hours.
  • An overall reduction in sick days due to Physiotherapy treatment being initiated quickly. Support, treatment and advice with the aim to reduce further problems and possible litigation.
  • Staff members who may be inclined to take time off work with pain of  ” debatable severities ” often discover that they are able to work as soon as assessment and treatment is offered.
  • We are very flexible – Employers vary “No Pressure” some only pay the first couple of treatments. Other employers are happy to pay for managed care. (We regularly provide updates for Doctors and/or  Occupational Health review).
  • Difficult and complex cases can easily be referred to a senior specialist for individual case review. Communication is at the heart of our programme.
  • The Hatfield Practice direct referrals to our Physiotherapist. Or “on-site”  treatments (with a physiotherapist/Osteopath/Acupuncturist) to your place of work.

Remember we are responsible for the treatment and management – Not the employer who arranges/suggests the referral. We aim to be effective professional. We give time and care to all of our patients so that they improve swiftly and feel supported.

Mobile Physiotherapy | All Hatfield Practice Physiotherapists are Chartered and registered with the CSP

Patient Management at The Hatfield Practice

Patients leave our clinic with a good working diagnosis (i.e. optimistic outlook). Your Staff will have a good idea of what is wrong and how they can help themselves . This is done through a programme of exercises and emotional encouragement.

They also have a good idea of how long they will take to get better (So will you) along with a good understanding of why the problem has happened to them in the first place. Treatments are backed up with good quality education/rehabilitation advice.

We will provide feedback and any information. Of course we obtain the employee’s permission first after their first visit. A discharge letter with recommendations is often sent.

We like you don’t want your staff to spend their life on a treatment table. Importantly staff are educated i relation to their injury. This reduces the risk of the injury happening all over again. Workplace injuries cost a fortune in lost hours and morale. Problems due to pain means your business has lost more lost hours and productivity.


Funding Arrangements ?

In order to demonstrate the value of our treatment we are more than happy to offer a free trial course of treatments for 1 or 2 of your employees. Recent research has revealed that an average level of sickness is about 10 days P.A which equals to about 4% of the workforce off work for a whole year.

If you would be interested in using the Hatfield Practice for the treatment of your employees, please do arrange a meeting so that we can discuss exactly what is required – we can tailor a service to suit you. Call The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice reception on 01707 888229 or call Ian Norman direct on 07590924266

Physiotherapy Funding arrangements are adaptable

We can either:

  1. Invoice your company on a monthly basis including details of each individual treatment.
  2. Charge the employee when they visit us. They will be provided with a receipt so they can be refunded by the company in full or part.

Payments can be made by company account (pre – arranged). However, if the throughput of referral is significant, a reduction to this rate can of course be negotiated. We aim to suit any funding budgets. We will not add any charges for holding an account for you.


Physiotherapy Referrals to The Hatfield Physiotherapy Practice

Referrals can be made by any approach that is preferred, but most companies prefer to call or email. We can contact the employee to make an appointment or the employee can be given a referral form. You may contact us at the Hatfield Practice to make an appointment on Hatfield 01707 888229. We have full time friendly reception.

Make Your Work Place Healthy and Safer

We also offer workplace risk assessments (with or without a report) and manual handling courses. We aim to be flexible and wish to provide you with a professional service. If you are interested or would just like more information please call our reception. If you have gone this far down the page… Thanks for your Patience !

Ian Norman (Head Osteopath & Practice Manager).


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