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Physiotherapy in the Work Place

Physiotherapy in the workplace can provide some real-time benefits to productivity, morale and well being. Our experience shows that you can expect a reduction in staff absenteeism and injury levels. On-site treatment also provides a great educational resource for members of staff and boost morale. We have provided PhysiotherapistsOsteopathsAcupuncturists and Massage Therapists to various businesses over the last thirty years. Business relationships vary from those which involve just occasional visits, perhaps for advice on lifting, seating or ergonomics.  To those for which we supply a small team of therapists to teach or provide treatments. Prices are negotiable and competitive. Our on-site Physiotherapy – could be the answer to your staff injuries and absenteeism. 

Physiotherapy in the Workplace

Work-related injuries are probably the most common complaint the Hatfield Practice encounter.  In our experience, individuals often have already been to their Gp before they attend the Practice and are usually given pain killers.  Employees call us if the pain or condition worsens, or they have been off work for a few days or even weeks and are still in pain. We aim to address workplace problems by ensuring efficient access to Physiotherapy with fast, safe, quality treatments and rapid return to work. Physiotherapy in the workplace is about supporting employees providing a happier, healthier, supported workforce. Historically referred Patients tell us that they value being looked after by their company scheme. The Hatfield Practice referral scheme is effective and much cheaper than many private healthcare plans. Companies to which we provide our services have been successfully using our services for many years. We hope this reflects the value and care we bring.

Employees know Poor posture may cause back and shoulder pain. Hatfield Practice

Hatfield Practice Provides Employees

Employees leave the Hatfield Practice with a good working diagnosis (i.e. optimistic outlook and a clear idea about the condition is- With the patients’ consent, feedback is sent to the business). The employee will have a good idea of what is ‘wrong’, why they are in pain and how they can help themselves. Employee support is provided through a programme of good communication, hands-on treatment, exercises and emotional encouragement. After the first consultation, employees will also have a good idea of how long they will take to get better (with their permission, so will you), along with a good understanding of why the problem has happened to them in the first place. Treatments are backed up with good quality education/rehabilitation advice. We will provide feedback and any information. Of course, we obtain the employee’s permission first after their first visit. A discharge letter with recommendations is often sent. Importantly employees are advised concerning their injury. Professional medical advice is essential to reduce the risk of the injury happening all over again. Workplace injuries cost a fortune in lost hours and morale. Problems due to pain means your business has lost more lost hours and productivity.

Make Your Work Place Healthy and Safe

We also offer workplace risk assessments (with or without a report) and manual handling courses. We aim to be flexible and wish to provide you with a professional service. If you are interested or would like more information, please call our reception. Any preferred approach can make referrals, but most companies like to call or email. We can contact the employee directly to make an appointment, or the employee can be given a referral form.

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