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Lara Inge – Sports Therapy Professional


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BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, Msc (Hons) Dance Science, MSST

 Sports Therapist Professional | Sports | Dance injury specialist - Sports massage Physiotherapy
Professional Sports therapists are very similar to Chartered Physiotherapists in many ways. Sports Therapists have undertaken a long and intensive course quite  similar to a  Physiotherapy Degree . Positively they tend to be very hands on and specialise in Sports Injuries although similar to Physiotherapists they can directly formulate a treatment diagnosis, plan treatment and formulate a  rehabilitation programme.
Lara specialises in hands on direct massage therapy, articulation, ultrasound, electro-therapy and exercise rehabilitation. Lara specialises  in the treatment and management of most injuries.
Lara studied Sports Therapy at the University of Hertfordshire and graduated with BSc (Honours) in 2008. During her degree she spent time working at a Police Rehabilitation centre in Reading, as well as providing sports therapy and massage to players at Luton Town Football Club. More recently she has continued her academic development completing a Masters in Dance Science at Laban, a contemporary dance college in London.
Lara Inge also the lead Sports Therapist for the University of Hertfordshire Hurricanes American Football team; this opportunity provides a diverse range of injuries and problems, which she has successfully dealt with over the past 4 years as lead sports therapist to the team. Lara has also worked with a wide variety of sports from rugby to volleyball providing pitch side first aid.Lara firmly believes that the key to good rehabilitation from injury is in understanding your body and how it works as a whole.
Hatfield Practice Sports Therapists use the principles of sports and exercise science as well as incorporating the knowledge of physiological and pathological processes to enable patients to return to sport, training and where applicable work.  Sports Therapists work closely with their patients to enable them to get back to being fully functional and provide the tools required to prevent injury recurrence in the future.  They also work with individuals to help them achieve optimal performance in a desired sport.


What can they treat?

Sports therapists can treat a wide range of injuries but below is a list of just some.

  • Ligament Injuries- such as Ankle Sprains
  • Tendon Injuries -such as Achilles Tendinitis and Tennis Elbow
  • Muscular Injuries- Such as Hamstring Strains
  • Neck and Back pain including whiplash
  • Postural Problems
  • Pre/Post Surgery rehabilitation


What will a Sports Therapist do to help?

Initially the Sports Therapist will take a detailed and thorough assessment of the injured/problematic area, this helps to establish the cause of the problem. From here they can create a treatment plan with goals to help to get you better. Sports Therapists use a variety of different techniques such as massage therapy, joint mobilisation, electro-therapy, taping and strapping, stretching techniques and rehabilitation exercises to aid a patient to a full recovery.


Benefits of Visiting a Sports Therapist

  • Relieve Pain
  • Restore Mobility
  • Restore Muscular imbalances
  • Help you get back to playing sport at your desired level
  • Improve flexibility
  • Injury Prevention


Is Sports Therapy Regulated?

Sports Therapy is not currently regulated by the Health Professions Council, which means currently anyone can call themselves a Sports Therapist.  This is an ongoing process and it is hoped that Sports Therapy like other healthcare services will soon be added to this list. That said all our Sports Therapists at The Hatfield Practice have studied Sports Therapy to a high academic level at University and are all fully insured and members of The Society of Sports Therapists and therefore are bound under their code of conduct.

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All Hatfield Practice Physiotherapists are Chartered and registered with the CSP