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Shelley Williams – BSc.(Hons) Ost,

Shelley Williams Osteopath / Pregnancy treatment-massage at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice Shelley Williams and her very handsome son Dewi

Shelley qualified from the British school of osteopathy in 2000 with an honours degree in osteopathy. Shelley has added to her Osteopathy with dry needling ( musculo- skeletal Acupuncture). Interestingly Shelley was one of the first Osteopaths in the UK to gain a Masters in Osteopathic treatment of animals in 2010. Shelley also has a special interest in treatment specific to  pregnancy and the  adaptations and stresses that pregnancy can bring.

Shelley said  ‘I have a real interest in bio mechanics and functional movement of the body. Osteopathy is well placed to deal with long term compensations and altered movement patterns that develop with pain adaptation”.

“I feel that my animal work  gives an extra edge to my human practice !  Animals can’t tell you where it hurts you have to seek out the course of problems and work to improve movement patterns by using palpating skills and body language to achieve full recovery”  “Since having my son a year ago I have a strong interest in pregnancy, delivery and post pregnancy pain. I really feel the clinic can offer a unique experience for fertility, pregnancy and post delivery for all women with our specialist team here at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice.”

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