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Acupuncture MOT

Oriental Tune-up with Acupuncture

A Chinese inspired Acupuncture health MOT at The Hatfield Practice can help prepare us all for the challenges of the year ahead and leave us feeling well again.

We are all used to taking our cars to the garage for their annual MOT’s, so why not give yourself the same care. It’s important and reassuring to know that our bodies are up to the challenges of the next year ahead.
Acupuncturists  Helen Taylor-Weekes has taught and practised Acupuncture for over thirty years. Experience and has helped devise our particular Acupuncture MOT. Helen works alongside Maggs Rasmussen BA BSc (Acupuncture) MBAcC. Maggs is a Traditional Acupuncturist.  As well as the Hatfield Practice Maggs works at the Whittington Hospital Pain Clinic in London.  Helen and Maggs practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Acupuncture treatment is pretty much painless

Acupuncture needles are incredibly fine and nothing like the heavy needles we are used to for injections, so the treatment is pretty much painless. In each case when the needle is inserted you may begin to feel it tingling. This means it has hit its treatment point and can stay. This can then be given a helping hand by moxibustion – burning ( mugwort) stick close to the needle this has high latent heat and is quickly able to warm up a particular spot to improve blood flow. You will know you are having acupuncture but it certainly isn’t uncomfortable. The acupuncturist will often give you some recommendations to help you build up your health and help you to feel on top of the world.

The Acupuncture MOT is really aiming to instil a healthy habit into the hectic nature of our lives but can also work as a specific treatment. We recommend checking out details on stress clinic page which involve a relaxing mix of massage and acupuncture to help you wind down and rebalance yourself.


How it All Started 3000 Years Ago

 “Back in the time of the Chinese emperor thing were very different. In those days he had lots of  ‘physicians’ whose  personal health depended on the emperor being well. If he became ill, they were likely to suffer so of course, they did everything possible to keep him alive and well. This meant a full health MOT every day. In China, the Acupuncturists would get paid each week by his patients. While his patients were healthy and able to pay for his service so it was always in their interests to keep everyone well. While a daily MOT may be a lovely idea it is slightly excessive. I believe a quarterly check can help fend off most problems” – Helen Taylor-Weekes (Acupuncturist & Practice Co-Director)

According to Chinese medicine, each of us has a dominant element – wood, water, earth, fire and metal – which can determine the health problems we are most likely to suffer.

This involves a tongue inspection and checking skin colour and pulses. Diagnosis continues with checking your back’s acupuncture points for signs of imbalance. According to Chinese medicine, the body is a field with energies known as chi and blood and if either of these is out of balance it can lead to a host of health problems.

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