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Massage Hatfield

Why Massage

Professional and revitalising the massage treatments we offer are popular, therapeutic and effective. Hatfield Practice provides a broad selection of massage treatments. You can choose from a selection of deeper massages such as sports or deep tissue massage. The deeper massage is more intensive, more in-depth massage treatments that work deeper into muscles and fascia. Deep massage breaks down and eases away deeper postural tensions and muscle adhesions that form after injury or long periods of sitting still while at the desk or driving. Alternatively, choose from relaxing or holistic treatments such as Indian head massage or Hot Stone treatment. Massage helps us to feel at ease with our ironing out aches, pains and tensions that develop over time. Massage helps the body to relax, detox and remove inflammation so that it works like new again. Our gentle styles of massage help you to relax, be pain-free and de-stress. 

Hatfield Practice is always on hand for any advice and questions you may have. We will happily provide you with just what you need. Our practitioners are experienced, friendly and professionally trained. We believe that the Massage treatments at the Hatfield Practice are exceptional. You will feel welcomed, safe and relaxed during your treatment. Hatfield Practice has over 30 years of experience in providing patients with massage and professional healthcare. 

As a business, we are always looking to improve our patient experience and satisfaction. Massage has always been an essential part of our Hatfield treatment structure. People return year after year for a massage. We feel it’s because we aim to be at our best every time you attend for treatment. Of the new patients that attend, most are on recommendations from Gps, friends and family members.


Who we treat

Massage is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Every massage is unique and designed individually for you. Some of the massage styles can be very gentle, suited to babies and children. Gentle massage can also help people who are in a lot of pain, going through or recovering from illness,  trauma, or surgery. Sports and deep tissue massage can also be deep and firm, using more vigorous direct pressure on stiff shoulders or overtrained muscles. Massage therapists also provide rehabilitation after injury or illness and help speed recovery.  Massage also helps to increase the general flexibility of both the joints, spine and nerve pathways. Our massage therapists are trained to promote a mind, body and spirit approach. We believe this is essential as stress is often the predominant factor in the patient’s presenting condition. Massage is not inherently painful, although it’s not unusual to feel deep pressure during the massage treatment. It is also customary to feel stiff during the first couple of days after a deeper massage as the body adjusts and heals. The massage therapist is very aware of how you feel, and pain or inflamed areas are always treated sensitively. Our professional team approach to patient care has enabled us to treat thousands of local people successfully.  

What to expect

The massage consultation starts with an introduction and a good chat about you. The therapist will take a detailed medical case history to rule out any other health-related problems. Massage therapy typically involves the style or type of style you have chosen. Generally, Deep soft tissue & sports massage will work quite firmly, along with specific muscles and reinvigorates nerve pathways and has many documented benefits. Treatment tends to release muscular reflexes and tissue shortening (stiffness), leading to fibrosis, muscle pain, and stiffness. The massage provides a fantastic sense of lightness, freedom of movement and may help to reduce further injuries. Physiotherapy and Osteopathic massage treatment may help to improve mobility and coordination of the whole body. Specialist massages may also involve articulating peripheral joints (to aid mobility) and soft-tissue work to stretch and rebalance stiff muscles. Other massage treatments include reflex and trigger point therapy. Nerve tension–release techniques may improve the tensions through the nervous system, helping with pain and weakness. Massage can be excellent for the early stages of sciatica and grumbling low back pain. Massage treatments may reduce the risk of slipped discs, joint and nerve injuries by improving flexibility and advising you regarding lifestyle issues. 


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A selection of our specialist massages:

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – Firm pressure and a more in-depth rhythmic style of deep soft tissue massage treatment 


SPORTS MASSAGE – Massage from one of our experienced professionals. Massage for injuries and discomfort


OSTEOPATH COMBINATION MASSAGE – From one of the Osteopaths. Treatment with deep tissue massage. A whole body workout.


OSTEOPATHIC DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – From one of our Osteopaths. Deep tissue massage, firm and unique. Very effective


PHYSIOTHERAPY DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE –  Massage by a Chartered Physiotherapist. It has a rehabilitation aspect very effective for injuries.


HOLISTIC MASSAGE TREATMENTS – Relaxing and with detail and comfort. Hot stone treatments, reflexology,  aromatherapy massage


Pregnancy massage treatments – a softer style of massage to help you relax and ease back and shoulder pain. Very rejuvenating during pregnancy


Massage hHatfield with a Osteopath or Physiotherapist