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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy involves very gentle osteopathic  manipulations on the head and spine. The teeatment works by gently stretching the sutures in the skull, ligaments and tendons. Cranial can improve the range of movement in joints, free trapped nerves and help with many other conditions. Many people have visited cranial osteopaths with their babies or recommending that others do so to solve sleep and feeding problems that don’t always respond to traditional medicine. It is also useful for people who require a gentle approach. Also for people with long term pain and discomfort relating to old physical injuries or birth trauma. Cranial is also great for relieving everyday stress and tension. Hatfield Practice offers a free new born baby cranial check to help  resolve any new born baby worries.  We treat babies up to two weeks old for free.

What’s behind cranial osteopathy?

” My babies neck was really stuck and out of place. I could only breast feed from one side. My son could only move his head in one direction. The cranial osteopath did some treatment and his neck moved  into place. That evening my six month old smiled and slept for the first time all night. I feel terrible that I did not take him to the Hatfield practice earlier as he  was in pain all the time and I could not feed him normally.  Amazing. Cranial osteopathy was a last resort for me but should have been the first”

Tanya V. WGC

What’s behind cranial osteopathy?

Cranial Osteopathy works with the body’s spinal, lymphatic and fluid pathways. The gentle treatment helps to aid the bodies self healing mechanisms. Cranial can to help to remove blockages within the bodies fascia, nerves and involuntary mechanisms in order to help your bodies healing processes. Our bodies internal tissues move in a rhythmic and cyclical way.  Most of these processes are automatic and without your conscious control.  This is scientifically described as your autonomic nervous system. The  rhythm palpated by cranial osteopaths is subtle, but can be palpated, perceived and felt.  In a way that the Dr can feel your  ‘pulse ‘ on your arm. Cranial  Osteopaths are trained at the highest levels and most of the education andpractice is at a post graduate level.  Cranial osteopaths use their trained sense of palpation to both diagnose and treat the more subtle aspects of our bodies functioning.


Many conditions  respond well to cranial osteopathy

There are many conditions which may respond well to cranial osteopathy. People attend for back and neck pain, sleeping problems, headaches, fibromyalgia and some digestive problems. Cranial is particularly suitable for babies and small children. In part we think is due to their youthful energy which appears to speed their response to gentle but direct Cranial Treatment . 

Cranial osteopathy at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice, has its roots in classical osteopathy in that treatment helps to address imbalanes in our bodily systems. Cranial Osteopathy looks at the relationship between the body’s “structure” and how it is functioning at any point in time. Your Cranial Osteopath will employ effective techniques and use gentle hand and finger tip contact to treat you . Your Cranial Osteopath will palpate  disturbances in the fascia (the glue that holds us all together), bones and soft tissues .They will feel for distortions and restrictions in the way your body works and apply specific teqnique to help re-address balance to your body.

Cranial Osteopathy in Hatfield gentle treatment for Adults, children and babies

Cranial Osteopathy at the Hatfield Practice


Cranial for babies and children

The gentle practice of cranial Osteopathy is particularly suitable for babies and small children. Cranial is wonderful for the treatment of children as well as adults of all ages. Patients are often impressed in the way  light touch has such a profound effect on our bodily systems and our aches and painDuring your  cranial osteopathy treatment  the osteopath will begin by asking  questions about the baby to find out whether you  had a good pregnancy and a problem free birth.

Visiting a cranial Osteopath

The cranial osteopath  starts by taking a detailed medical history. This part of the treatment often helps to bring to light details that may of previously been looked over.  Once the osteopath has all the medical and history information the physical examination begins. Often the first thing the osteopath will do is simply hold the babies gently.  Cranial osteopaths are trained to feel subtle, fundamental  movement within the body structure. Special attention is paid to symmetry and whether that movement is asymmetrical or stronger on one side. They also feel for whether there are any tensions or strains within the cranium, or structural bones and joints of the body. The osteopath will then use really gentle pressure to adjust and help resolve the tensions and strains. Crainial osteopathy can be very powerful yet has a very soothing nature. Cranial osteopathy treatment helps the baby to feel more relaxed and contented.

The most common issues treated by cranial osteopath are-


  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Infantile Colic
  • Reflux/silent reflux
  • Recurrent ear infections


Osteopaths using the Cranial Technique

Cranial Osteopaths can be effective in the  treatment of chronic health conditions. Many problems  just don’t respond to typical medication or standard Physiotherapy. Cranial is focused on improving  general circulation and reducing tissue tensions and ligament stress. Health is really about  allowing the body to work at its optimum allowing energy to flow and the immune system to function efficiently. Babies and young children often respond very well to treatment from a Cranial Osteopath. Treatment may help resolve many discomforts and distortions from infancy or a traumatic birth. Expectant Mums will often find Cranial very effective during the difficult times  of pregnancy. When bodies are in a state of flux and under hormonal influences of relaxin.  At this point  fast moving physical re-adjustment (compensation) happens and the body can feel painful or out of balance. Osteopaths using the Cranial Technique are in essence Traditional Osteopaths with degree level training and years of experience. Osteopaths have a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology and complex understanding of the body. The  Osteopathic “cranial” technique is a  specialised field. Osteopaths pay to train at a postgraduate level. They have the same highly trained medical skills in differential diagnosis, treatment and clinical testing.


Cranial Osteopathy in Hatfield

Baby Maisie ‘ Cranial at the Hatfield Practice has helped her colic’.


The Osteopathic Centre for Children

The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy is a specialist osteopathy charity that makes osteopathy an option for all children and families. The Osteopathic Centre for Children is the name of our dedicated Paediatric clinicOur mission is to train skilled and knowledgeable Paediatric osteopathsresearch osteopathy for children, and provide excellent osteopathic care for children and pregnant and post-natal women at our dedicated Paediatric clinic. We treat all patients, regardless of their ability to pay for treatment. We always treat holistically to help restore, maintain and support health and well-being.

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