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Osteopaths use highly trained hands-on techniques, fingertip touch, physical joint manipulation, specific stretching and many forms of massage to increase the mobility of joints and improve function. Osteopaths work to relieve muscle tension, to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues. The treatment promotes a natural state of balance called homeostasis and good health. In reality, disease finds it hard to exist when we are at a high level of physical fitness, flexible body movement patterns, good blood, and lymphatic flow and a robust immune system are essential as they aid the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Osteopathy works well for people of all ages. Day to day osteopaths works with many spinal, muscle, nerve and related joint conditions. 

Osteopathy is effective and safe

 The treatment gently massages out the stiffness, and manipulation techniques help increase mobility. After osteopathic treatment, everything tends to be more mobile. Osteopathic treatment eases the joints and muscles relax and let go. Osteopathy is useful for patients with wear and tear “arthritic” issues. Perfect for easing restricted spinal joints. And, works well to relieve sore necks, stiff hips and certain types of headaches. Simply put we don’t think people should  “put up with it” because there is “nothing you can do” or ” your getting old”!  Osteopaths similar to Physiotherapists prescribe a wide range of activities, exercises and when required use electrotherapy.

Osteopathy treatments help you stay pain-free

Osteopathy is great for people of all ages and activity levels. As people live longer, it helps to keep ourselves pain-free and flexible. We can all benefit from extra mobility. Osteopathy helps improve the ability to live an active, independent and healthy life. Importantly osteopaths can provide specific exercise advice and guidance during your treatment and rehabilitation. Call us anytime if you wish to speak to one of our Osteopaths.

Osteopathy can help keep people off long-term anti-inflammatory use which may, in the long run, improve your liver! Osteopathy saves the NHS money by reducing medication and the need for surgery. Providing same-day treatments is an important part of our service. Fast pain relief is essential. Studies have shown that treatment within a week can positively influence healing times.  The Hatfield Practice will refer patients to other specialists such as Physiotherapists for acupuncture or to their Gp’s and then surgeons if required.  Osteopathy works by improving the  “structure and function” of the body. Optimising range of movement, loosening fibrosis (stiffness) in the muscles and reducing pain by enhancing strength and blood flow.

Our Hatfield Osteopaths, registered with the GOsC

Osteopathy, protected by law and without professional training, you can not call yourself an osteopath. Osteopaths are only one of two complementary therapies that are protected this way. The General Osteopathic Council regulates and monitors professional standards. In the UK this is a minimum requirement for all osteopaths. The GOsC is responsible for setting and maintaining professional standards of practice. You can check the register here using your practitioner’s surname. Our osteopaths are members of the Institute of Osteopath who promote professional practice amongst its members. Which Osteopathic students now follow a five-year degree course. Combining academic and clinical with ‘hands-on’, work. Qualifications generally take the form of a master’s degree in osteopathy BOst, BOstMed or MOst. A qualification in osteopathy includes anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology, pharmacology, nutrition, and biomechanics, as well as at least 1,000 hours of clinical training experience with patients. Osteopath training is a recognized mark of high quality.  We undertake enhanced DBS checks on all our osteopaths. We think it’s important to give patients peace of mind.


Safe in our Hands


Osteopathy provides you with Long-term health Solutions

Osteopathy offers patients long-term health solutions through treatment and patient education.  We can provide practical solutions through our triage treatment system. Our ethos has always been to utilise two or more specialists where patients have non-resolving or complex pain issues. Two different specialists may treat you during your consultation. We won’t charge you a penny more for this unique service. We have always worked this way; we feel a little bit of care and consideration makes us all a bit happier. Providing Hatfield Practice patients with effective solutions has always been important to us. We don’t want you to spend your life on one of our treatment tables.

Genuine hands-on Osteopathy – Not “Just Exercises” in a gym

Osteopathy works well for many conditions. Skilled osteopathic hands-on is useful in a way to ease the pain. Human touch can provide a level of treatment that medication can not. We are more than just an osteopath in a gym service. 

During the consultation, the osteopath will explain what they have found and what they will do. The osteopathic treatment is individually thought out for each patient. Hands-on techniques will be applied to ease the complaint. Osteopathy is never  “just exercises” but a combination of hands-on treatment, exercises, and advice. Osteopathic techniques may include manipulation,  light and deep soft tissue massage.  Mobilisation  (deep stretches) are perfect for stiff spines. Muscle energy stretches (actively resisted stretches) where the muscle has become tight from injury. Osteopaths also use mobilisation which is similar to a Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment. Osteopathic traction therapy is useful where discs have become worn or damaged.  Osteopathy and Acupuncture are brilliant for acute tendonitis and non-resolving nerve pain after sciatica. Interferential is an electrotherapy treatment that’s good ( dare I say it) for lumpy old tendons etc. Diagnostic Ultrasound can be useful for calcific (arthritis) tendinitis and shoulder tendonitis. Whatever your problem we will do our best to find a solution that works.

Your treatment experience is our reputation  

We provide our patients with individual treatments designed for you. Osteopathic rehabilitation improving the bodies function by adjusting, stretching, massaging, manipulation and exercises. Improvements made to the bodies muscle and joint systems improve performance, flexibility, reduce pain and improve mobility problems. Once the body is working well again, the pain will often disappear. We provide specific bespoke exercises to help speed recovery and strengthen the body. Treatment assists healing by restoring mobility, reducing pain and improving blood flow. Blood flow is important as it washes away inflammation. In short to promote your bodies natural healing mechanisms by strengthening bio-mechanical( muscle and joint) function. Your osteopath will design a treatment plan especially for you. Your treatment experience is our reputation. We have private relaxing treatment rooms with modern equipment and friendly staff.

We have over  30 years of experience in healthcare

Osteopathic treatment at the Hatfield Practice is increasingly popular especially as its very effective and people can have rapid access to treatment. Osteopaths in the UK carry out more than seven million consultations every year. Of those consultations, 54% of new patients are seen within one working day of contacting our practice and 95% are seen within one week. An effective approach to patient care has enabled us to treat thousands of local people successfully.  Our 30 experience in practice has helped us develop into the friendly, professional place it is today. Getting you back on track quickly is very important to us. A satisfied patient is at the heart of everything we do today. Our client reviews and patient feedback suggest that our unique and highly effective approach works. Most of our patients come to us on the recommendation from friends or their Gp.  Treatments are designed to reduce your pain as fast and efficiently.  


Hatfield Osteopathy practice:

  • No Long Waiting Lists – NHS waiting times for physiotherapy can be painfully long and “just exercise sheets”. Osteopathy treatment is great value, hands-on and consistently effective.
  • Fast Track  Appointments – Day, Evening & Weekends; Our Osteopaths work late appointments in Hatfield so you can fit treatments after work.
  • Professional Osteopathy | Hatfield –  Clinical Expertise – Includes arthritis in joints, low back pain, stiff or painful necks, sciatica, disc injuries, nerve injuries, musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries and much more.
  • Early  Diagnosis and Treatment – Our ability to cross-refer to either Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture or Sports Massage within the same building means a more rapid recovery. Why wait for 8- twelve weeks for NHS Physiotherapy and triage.
  • 100% Individual Attention – Our Hatfield Osteopaths will provide you with professional treatment, effectiveness and guaranteed privacy.
  • Hatfield Practice is at Your Door – We provide Osteopath home visits and optimum treatment times to help make you better fast.
  • Hatfield Practice Osteopaths are “Hands-on”  – Experience and personal attention is our strength. All advice is tailored to your personal needs. All treatment is thought through and discussed.
  • Courtesy calls – To establish the effectiveness of your Osteopath treatment and answer any questions.  !  Experience shines


Osteopathy when Physiotherapy is available on the NHS?

Our promise is that you will receive one too one quality treatment. The osteopaths are time served, hand-picked experienced practitioners. You won’t have to wait months for treatment at the Hatfield Practice.  Our aim is to provide exceptional patient experience and to get you better in a swift and effective way. Osteopathy can help you recover after hurting yourself, injury or surgery. Osteopathy Treatment will help the body rehabilitate after a road traffic accident, skiing injury or simple low back pain. We only employ most experienced highly trained (friendly) Osteopaths who are experienced and have passed the grade. Helping our Hatfield Practice patients feel better quickly is what our patients tell us we do best.


Osteopaths will advise, educate and treat you

Your practitioner will look to improve both your current injury and biomechanical problems. Then will inform, educate and support you. This approach means there is less chance of the same problem reoccurring over and over. We will assess and diagnose your problem fast and effectively. A bespoke treatment plan, formulated with you in mind. These well-designed treatment programs aim to quickly restore function, reduce pain and minimise inflammation after injury. Osteopathy is a professional, highly trained and credible treatment option. The primary focus of treatment is the restoration of normal function to your body, educate the patient and remove inflammation and pain. Treatment is hands-on science-based and well researched. We are committed to extending, applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins and informs it’s practice and delivery. Hatfield Practice appointments are  “hands-on”  and not just prescribed exercises.

You are safe in our hands

Osteopathy is a medically recognised system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions for all ages. It works with the mechanical structure and function of the body. Osteopathy works on an important principle. Osteopaths believe that the well-being of an individual depends on the health of the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. In essence, the body must where possible work together without stress, stiffness and pain in the absence of disease. Another way to look at it Osteopathically is that for your body to work well,  its constituent parts or structure must also work well. Osteopaths use many techniques to restore your body to a state of natural balance, where possible without the use of drugs or surgery. Osteopaths use hands-on techniques, touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle tension, to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues and to help your body’s healing mechanisms.

Registered Osteopaths also provide educational advice on many conditions and activities, so they don’t happen all over again. Specific exercise advice to aid recovery, strengthen muscles and increase the flexibility of both joints and nerve. We also promote a mind body and spirit health approach – a brilliant way to prevent symptoms recurring.


Osteopathy since 1874

The practice of osteopathy began in the United States around 1874  by Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO. Still was a physician, surgeon, and lay preacher. The Osteopathic idea is that for your body to work well and stay disease-free,  its constituent parts or structure must also work as nature intended. Osteopaths work with the body to restore a state of natural balance and function. Osteopathy encourages the body to use its self-healing mechanisms by promoting movement and blood flow. Naturally, and where possible without the use of drugs or surgery.