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Consulting an Osteopath

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Our Osteopaths use their hands to identify areas of pain and restriction. We will assess areas of weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain. This way your Osteopath will make a full diagnosis then discuss your treatment plan, estimating the likely number of sessions (most of our patient have shown considerable improvements after three visits) needed to treat your condition effectively.

Our Osteopaths will usually start any treatment by releasing and relaxing muscles and stretching stiff joints, using gentle massage and rhythmic joint movements. This in turn stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself by improving blood flow and directly stimulating tissue repair. The particular range of techniques your Osteopath uses will depend on your problem and how sensitive you are.

Osteopathy is not a new speciality. It is about as old as modern medicine and like medicine its techniques are constantly evolving.

Formerly the term ‘Osteopathic Treatment‘ suggested to most people the use of a manipulative procedure consisting of a high speed thrust or “clicking“ designed to normalise muscle and joint function by releasing local reflexes, stimulating endorphins and improving blood flow to the local problematic area.

Our Welwyn and Hatfield Osteopaths have a wide range of techniques to choose from, and while some conditions may require a direct manipulation and firm neuro-muscular treatment, some of the Osteopathy tends towards gentler, more subtle methods.It all depends on you the patient as every treatment is specific, safe and unique.

Cranial Osteopathy or Cranial Sacral Therapy 

Cranial Osteopathy or Cranial Sacral Therapy uses very gentle methods to correct disturbances to tissue mobility in the skull and throughout the body. It can help with a wide variety of problems.

Osteopaths consider each person as an individual. On your first visit your Osteopath will spend time taking a detailed medical history, including information about your lifestyle and diet. Osteopaths also offer added advice on nutrition, ergonomics, exercises and healthy living. This advice is aimed to help reduce the maintaining symptoms and improve your health and quality of life.

Our Osteopaths at The Welwyn & Hatfield will make you feel at ease during your consultation and explain everything that is happening. Do ask questions at any time if you are unsure or have any concerns.

Although referral by a doctor is not necessary, patients are encouraged to keep both their GP and Osteopath fully informed. This is helpful as it means their medical records are current and complete and the patient receives the best possible care from both health care practitioners. Osteopaths are well trained and skilled in clinical  diagnostic techniques which can help and  identify  more serious conditions. Your osteopath will know when a patient needs to be referred to a GP or consulting specialist.