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Physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy treatment is incredibly effective, hands-on, safe, and works to relieve pain and recover from injury.  Physiotherapy is cost-effective and can make an enormous difference to the quality of life after surgery, road traffic accidents or even after an illness. Studies have shown that it may reduce the use of painkillers and reduce the risk of ongoing pain. Physiotherapy is perfect for treating everyday mishaps, work, or sports injuries. Physiotherapy provides preventative exercise-based treatments, often combining deep tissue massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture, and manipulation. Physiotherapy works well to reduce pain, relax muscles, and exercise without pain may strengthen the body.  These days Physiotherapy involves looking at the body in a ‘holistic’ way, as a whole person, rather than focusing on individual anatomical areas. Physiotherapists look for the primary or root causes of pain within the patient’s muscles and joints.  The Physiotherapy approach can help educate, encourage, and reduce any risk of ongoing injuries. Hatfield Practice Physiotherapy has excellent preventative treatments and rehabilitative plans that will help you recover fast. The Physiotherapist will teach you to apply your own effective treatment methods and exercises. Physiotherapy aims to make everything easier. Hatfield Practice thinks you will find it hard to beat the experience and the teamwork we have to offer.

Physiotherapy Improves how You Feel

Physiotherapy is excellent for people of all ages and activity levels. As we all live longer, our bodies need to be kept as mobile and pain-free as possible. A Chartered Physiotherapist can provide exercise rehabilitation and effective treatment. Physiotherapy improves the ability to live an active, independent, and healthy lifestyle, bringing confidence and energy. Importantly Physiotherapy can provide detailed specific advice and guidance during your rehabilitation or injury. In part, Physiotherapy works by improving the body’s mechanical function. The improved function helps us feel better, gain emotional confidence and improve ranges of movement. Physiotherapy can improve performance, and improve efficiency during sport and activities by improving balance, technique, blood supply, and strength. For many improved physical conditions may help reduce the risk of injury and improve overall confidence.

Should I pay for physiotherapy in Hatfield when it is available on the NHS?

Hatfield Practice provides hand-picked, safe, experienced practitioners.  We provide fast access to treatment, so you won’t have to wait months for Physiotherapy. Treatments reduce pain fast and aim to get you better in the long term. Physiotherapy can help you recover after injury or surgery and help the body rehabilitate after a road traffic accident, injury or back pain. Physiotherapy treatment will help to reduce pain fast and often will help restore your range of movement after surgery, injury, or illness. Hatfield Practice employs experienced, highly trained (friendly) Physiotherapists who are experienced and have passed the grade. The physiotherapist will look to improve both your current injury and any longstanding problems you may have. The Physiotherapist will assess and diagnose your problem fast and effectively and provide a bespoke treatment plan formulated with only you in mind. These designed treatment programs aim to quickly restore function, reduce pain fast, and minimise soreness after injury. Hatfield Practice Physiotherapy will advise, educate, and work with you so that the same problem does not repeat over and over. The hands-on approach has proven very successful over the years. Physiotherapy, we believe, is one of the best-proven approaches for treating arthritic joints and pain in muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments. Our Physios use   “hands-on” techniques. Our Physiotherapists are also trained in electrotherapy such as H-wave, ultrasound, laser, interferential and TENS.

Physiotherapy at the Hatfield Practice

Health and Care Professions Council Registered

All our physiotherapists are the Health and Care Professions Council registered. In the UK, this is a minimum requirement for all physiotherapists. The HCPC is responsible for setting and maintaining professional standards of practice. You can check the register here using the practitioner’s surname. Our physiotherapists are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP). Which means they have Chartered status. Chartered isn’t a requirement to work in the United Kingdom, but it is a recognised mark of high quality. Find out why you should choose the charter of Physiotherapists when it comes to physiotherapy.  Hatfield Practice undertakes enhanced DBS checks on all our physiotherapists. 

HCPC registered at the Hatfield Practice